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Chill Out With Your Own Personal Air Conditioner

* Cools your personal space
* Cleans your air
* Saves money on your energy bill

Control your climate with the Evapolar Personal Air Cooler and Humidifier. It’s a mini air conditioner that cools, humidifies and cleans dust particles from the air for healthier breathing. EvaPolar cools the area you’re in, whether you’re on your couch, in bed or at your desk.

Fans simply blow air around; they don’t change its temperature. Evapolar uses natural water evaporating technology that takes hot, dry air and makes it cool and moist for those days and nights where you can’t chill out. Plus, it’s the perfect solution for when your companion or co-workers want the room hot and you want it cool.

Set up’s a breeze. Just pour water in the tank, plug it in and enjoy. Each Evapolar cooling cartridge lasts 4-6 months, depending on how much you use it. And, the inorganic material inside helps prevent mold and bacteria from growing. Plus it’s biodegradable and eco-friendly.

And get this: it runs on just 10-watts. That’s as little power as a light bulb pulls. Measuring just under seven inches and weighing less than three pounds, it’s also incredibly portable and easy to move around the house — or take with you when traveling.

So now, you can keep cool without having to run the central AC. That’s a great way to save money on your power bill.