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Breathe Easier With The Chikuno Life Natural Air Purifier

* Uses natural elements to purify air in the room
* Extremely light and portable
* After a year, purifier can be used as fertilizer

Living in the city can be a physically taxing experience. The pollution, vents releasing unsavory odors, and the general hustle and bustle that conjures up germ-ridden air can take a toll on our health. The Chikuno Life Natural Air Purifier Cube is the perfect remedy for people who love their metropolis, but don’t want to take the poor air quality home with them.

At once an air purifier and a beautiful objet, the cube is made of extra fine, activated bamboo charcoal and clay. Only 1.5-inches tall, the honeycomb structure filters air particles, while the charcoal absorbs all odors and moisture from contaminating your space.

Made in Japan and inspired by Japanese principles of simplicity and zen, the purifier works well in small rooms and nooks in the house – think bathrooms, bedside tables, desks and closets. Perfect for environmentally conscious people who want to minimize waste, the Chikuno Cube is easily refreshed for continual use.

To refresh the cube, simply set it out in the sunlight for six hours every month. That way, the odors and pollutants are released into the air and the filter is naturally reset. After 12 months, the cube’s filter and absorption components will expire and you can turn the cube into fertilizer by breaking it apart and planting it into your flower pot or garden. A green, leafy plant sprouting up from your old purifier? Yet another way to clean up the air around you.

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