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Reviewed: Is the Affordable $200 Airrobo P20 Robot Vacuum Too Good to Be True?

Since robot vacuums were first introduced to the consumer market by iRobot with the Roomba in 2002, it has mostly featured a product with a high entry price point. While there are still many splurge-worthy robot vacuums available, affordable options that boast impressive features are finally becoming more commonplace. One of our favorite new additions to the budget-conscious robot vacuum sector is the Airrobo P20.

Released in September 2022, the Airrobo P20 comes in at just under $200 and often goes on promotion for even less, pricing it massively lower than most of its competitors. A straightforward robot vacuum, the Airrobo P20 doesn’t have any mopping capabilities, but it does have plenty of other features that customers will appreciate.

While the Airrobo P20 doesn’t have the tech, suction, or customization options as other robot vacuums we have tested, we don’t expect it to for its price. What it does have is an entry-level price tag that finally makes a quality robot vacuum affordable for customers who have previously been priced out of the category. Testing this budget option, we wanted to know if buying a $200 robot vacuum was too good to be true. Here’s everything we learned in our Airrobo P20 review.

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  • Affordable
  • Quiet in lower suction setting
  • Includes remote
  • Sizeable dustbin
  • Good for picking up hair and dry messes


  • Can’t customize route or no-go zones
  • Noisy on Powerful Suction mode
Battery Life120 minutes
AttachmentsRemote control, extra filter, cleaning brush, two side brushes
Dustbin Capacity0.6 liters
Weight8.36 pounds
Charging Time5 hours
Included in the BoxAirrobo P20, dustbin, HEPA filter, main brush, four side brushes, remote control, docking station, power cord, cleaning brush

Using the Airrobo P20

Setting up the Airrobo P20 went smoothly for us. We were able to download and connect to the app quickly. After letting the unit charge for a few hours, we were able to test out its cleaning abilities through the app.

The Airrobo app allows users to choose from four cleaning modes, including Auto, Edge (which cleans the perimeter of a room), Spiral (which cleans a very small space in a spiral motion), and Spot (which starts a zigzag cleaning pattern of the current area).

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The suction power is adjustable and has three levels, from Quiet to Powerful. We found that it was typically necessary to opt for the middle level or the highest level to ensure all hair and crumbs were picked up.

Users also have the option of skipping the app completely and using the included remote. Normally, I wouldn’t bother using a remote when the corresponding app runs so smoothly, but the Airrobo P20 is a great product for a remote since the customization features are limited. The remote offers all the same options as the app, minus Edge Cleaning and the timer setting. This potentially makes the Airrobo P20 a great product for older users who aren’t tech-savvy or anyone who wants to avoid adding another app to their phone.

Airrobo App Features

While the app is relatively basic compared to more expensive robot vacuums, it is, subsequently, straightforward and user-friendly. We found it easy to adjust settings, including the volume and language of the robot voice, schedule cleanings, and reference the user manual when necessary. We also liked that the app displayed the remaining life of the filter, side brush, and main brush.

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If and when you need to get a new part, Amazon and Airrobo both sell replacements for these three items, which is a major plus and not something that is always a given with robot vacuums.

The app also provides a map of where the robot has cleaned. The mapping features are not as detailed as other robot vacuums, but it is still useful if customers want to reference the map to confirm whether or not a spot was cleaned.

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Our main issue with the app was that users could not set cleaning zones or mark areas as ‘no-go’ zones, which meant that every time the Airrobo P20 hit our shag carpet, it got stuck.

The manual does say to block or remove items that may impact the vacuum’s ability to move, but that’s also inconvenient in the case of larger (or permanent) items, like rugs. The app doesn’t alert users when the robot is stuck but it does have a feature on the app that makes the robot “speak” to help locate the unit.

Because the Airrobo P20 doesn’t map rooms and learn which spaces to avoid, the vacuuming process ends up taking a long time. Our kitchen and living room floor, which typically takes our Roborock 45 minutes, took the Airrobo P20 70 minutes to clean.

We also found the lack of a zoning feature frustrating when we only wanted to vacuum specific areas, like under the kitchen table after a meal. With the Airrobo P20, users have to either pick up the vacuum and move it to the area they want to be cleaned or use the controls on the app to “drive” the robot to the target area. There are Spot and Spiral cleaning options, which concentrate on one area, but the zone is quite small.

Airrobo P20 Cleaning Abilities

Cleaning abilities are what we’re most concerned with. The Airrobo P20 did a great job of cleaning our floors. We tested it on tile and carpet and found that it picked up hair, dust, and small crumbs with no issue. Its 600 mL dustbin was large enough to hold all the debris from a large cleaning session and it was simple to empty and reinstall.

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We were also very impressed by the Airrobo P20’s fall prevention. We tested it near an open landing and next to stairs and there was no issue with the vacuum cliff diving.

We did find that the Airrobo P20 worked best on the middle and highest suction level, especially when placing it on the carpet. At the highest suction level, we found that the unit was quite loud. It registered at an average of 65.5 dB at the highest suction setting. We compared that to the Roborock S7, which had an average of 62 dB while in use. This isn’t a deal breaker but considering the noise level and length of time it takes to complete a cleaning job, we recommend setting the Airrobo P20 to clean while you’re away from home.

The Verdict: Should You Buy the Airrobo P20?

We recommend the Airrobo P20 vacuum to those in need of a vacuum for pet hair or anyone who wants to reap the low-maintenance benefits of a robot vacuum without necessarily having to use an app. While the vacuum did get stuck in some areas and setting cleaning zones was difficult, it did a great job of cleaning our floors and avoiding falls.

The app and remote are easy to use, the vacuum looks great and takes up minimal floor space, and the Airrobo P20 left our floors free from hair, dust, and crumbs. For pet owners who are tired of vacuuming hair every day, the Airrobo P20 is an affordable robot vacuum that can handle hair.

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