This Translucent Vase Will Have You Seeing Flowers in a New Light

vase by Alexandra Von Furstenberg

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* From renowned designer Alexandra Von Furstenberg
* Translucent acrylic with rose tint
* Minimal, modern design

Crafted from a rose pink and translucent acrylic, the Voltage Tall Vase from Alexandra Von Furstenberg is a minimalist masterpiece.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg is well known for her work in translucent and light bending materials, and for good reason – her collections of acrylic furniture have been recognized worldwide for their uncanny blend of solidity and ethereal grace. Ever since her first collection burst onto the scene in 2008, her passion for acrylic furniture has made her one of the most talked about names in home decor. Looking like permanent ice sculptures, her furnishings and accent pieces such as this tall vase seem to defy time and make light itself slow down, breaking into a multitude of colors and beautiful, bendy refractions.

The vase measures 8 inches high and about 3 inches wide at the base, and features protective rubber non-slip feet to hold it in place on table tops. Its clarity makes it a stunning frame for a floral display and pairs perfectly with spare, small bouquets, lilies and even single stem roses.

With its smoky rose pink shade, the Voltage Tall Vase looks especially magnificent in oblique lighting, like when the rays of the setting sun fall across it at an angle from between plain curtains. This Alexandra Von Furstenberg vase can even brighten otherwise bare and austere tabletops in an office space or studio. With its clean lines and mysterious, sultry pink hues, the Voltage Vase presents an aesthetic that is both mathematical and romantic, striking a very inspiring balance between emotion and logic, imagination and form.

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