Get Your Shopping Done on Amazon With the Push of a Button

amazon dash button
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* Reorder your favorite items with the push of a button
* Use coupon code to save $4 per Dash Button
* Coupon expires 4/7/17

When it comes to keeping the house stocked with all your daily essentials, Amazon already makes it easy. Wouldn’t it be easier yet if you could reorder your favorite items just by the push of a button?

Dash Button


Amazon Dash Buttons do just that. Now, instead of logging into your account and processing an order, simply press a button to reorder items across six verticals: Household & Office; Beverage & Grocery; Health, Beauty & Apparel; Kids, Baby, & Pets; Music, Sports & Outdoors; and Amazon Exclusives & More.

So if you drink a lot of Red Bull, it might be easier to buy a Red Bull Dash Button than to keep signing into your account every time you need a another case. Amazon also has Dash Buttons for Tide Pods, Charmin, Glad garbage bags, Listerine and even Burt’s Bees.

If you can think of more than one product you like to have on such easy order, you’re in luck. Now through April 7, you can use coupon code DASHBDAY to take $4 off the price of a single Dash Button, bringing the cost down to only 99¢. The limit is three, so choose your Dash Buttons wisely when using the code. Shopping for your favorite things can’t get easier than this.

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