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Amazon Just Dropped Prices on Its #1 Best-Selling Gun Safe For the Second Day in a Row

If it feels like everyone around you is on edge, that’s because they are. Recent surveys of Americans have found that we’re feeling way more stressed out than usual. And there are a lot of good reasons to feel stressed — record heat waves, rising violent crime, inflation, and plagues. As a result, we’ve seen rising interest among SPY readers in products like self-defense weapons and home security products. Today, we have a great deal for Americans who exercise their second amendment right to bear arms and are looking for a secure way to store and transport handguns.

For a limited time, Amazon Prime shoppers can order the awesafe Biometric Handgun Safe for $116, a rarely seen 27% discount. You may need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the full discount.

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Why Shop This Deal: The awesafe Biomteric Handgun Safe

Right now, Amazon’s #1 best-selling handgun safe — a biometric steel safe — is on sale for just $116. Not all markdowns on Amazon are worth shopping. As professional deals hunters, we know better than anyone that some Amazon products are always “on sale,” and you can’t always take the discounts you find there at face value. However, we’ve kept a close eye on this particular product, and we can verify that this sale is legit. We noticed yesterday that Amazon had discounted the price by 19%, bringing the price down to $126. However, on Tuesday, July 20, this product got an even bigger reduction. Now, this safe is marked down 27%, which brings the price down to $116 for total savings of $43.

Why do we keep a close eye on this product? Not only is this the #1 best-selling gun safe on Amazon, but it’s also proven to be a very popular item among SPY readers in particular. Because of this, we’ve rated it as the “Best Overall” option in our guide to the Best Handgun Safes.

This safe is crafted from a durable Alloy Steel and features anti-theft features such as an alarm. It also has three locking mechanisms for added security, including a biometric fingerprint scanner. Not too long ago, biometric scanners were the stuff of science-fiction movies, but improvements in this technology have lowered the price significantly, which is how Amazon can sell a steel biometric safe for just $116.

Here’s what we love about the awesafe Biometric Gun Safe:

  • Unlock using keypad, manual keys or biometric scanner
  • Inner chamber features lighting for easy access
  • Gas strut automatically (and quietly) opens internal chamber

You can also check out our recent guide to Amazon’s discounts on Smith & Wesson products, which included some secure options for transporting handguns. In addition, two other best-selling gun safes available on Amazon are also on sale this week, and we’ve included more information on these sales below.


RPNB Biometric Gun Safe, California & DOJ Certified


Normally $99.99 | Now $89.99

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Courtesy of Amazon

VERPROOF VE12 Biometric Quick-Access Gun Safe

Normally $119.99 | Now $109.99

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Courtesy of Amazon

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