These Antique-Style Mirrors Add Old World Charm for a Fraction of the Price

antique style mirrors
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For centuries, antique mirrors have been considered a status symbol — they signified a life of luxury, with ornate carvings, dramatic finishings, and wooden or metal frames with the finest craftsmanship. If you do invest in a piece of history, there are certain ways to tell if your mirror is authentically vintage or a replica.

Look for indicators of wear and tear, natural darkening of wood (and a wood backing), or irregularly shaped screws. There should be signs of handmade details, and imperfections in the glass, as well as increased thickness, as antique glass is generally thicker than modern varieties. Can’t remove the mirror from its frame? Lay the tip of a key to the mirror’s surface. If the reflected image is very close to the real tip, it’s an antique mirror.

Common styles of antique mirrors include Baroque, Georgian, Gothic, Georgian, and Neoclassical. Georgian style models focus on geometry and symmetry rather than ornamental decoration, while Baroque style mirrors are usually gilded with gold and silver.

Where To Buy Antique Mirrors Online

Genuine antique mirrors can be bought online from curated vintage retailers that focus completely on antique offerings or allow you to filter antique items. Here are our top picks:

Online auctions like Live Auctioneers and Invaluable are also a safe bet when it comes to ensuring authenticity, letting you place whatever bids you feel comfortable with.

These old-school antique mirrors are a stunning addition to any home, but they don’t exactly come cheap.

You can always antique your own mirrors at home, but if you’re not quite ready for a DIY project, consider buying these uncanny lookalikes, which mimic the old-world charm of a real antique mirror. Get to know the best new mirrors on the market that easily pass for vintage.


1. Kate and Lauren Yitro Round Industrial Rustic Metal Framed Wall Mirror

Kate and Laurel offer this rustic and round metal antique mirror that’s perfect for any living space, foyer, or hallway. With an industrial and aged look that blends with modern sensibilities, this is a timeless addition to any home. The smooth but worn-in metal frame creates depth while giving off lots of light. Hang via the keyhole hanger welded onto the back. One buyer says, “This mirror has a very rustic and ‘handmade’ feel to it.”

Kate and Lauren Yitro Round Industrial Rustic Metal Framed Wall Mirror Courtesy of Amazon


2. Maryana Antiqued Wood Standing Wall Mirror

Available in a range of colors, this standing mirror has a rubberwood frame with unique molding and gorgeously carved crowd details with a solid wood finish. Everyone needs a full-body mirror to get ready in the morning, and this one lets you do so with style. Consider styling with an equally striking lighting option, like a statement chandelier. It has just enough flair to work with almost any interior design style that you may have in your home.

Maryana Antiqued Wood Standing Wall Mirror Courtesy of Wayfair


3. Stone & Beam Antique-Style Metal Frame Hanging Wall Mirror

A classic look in an antique mirror is the merging of curves and straight lines. This mirror does that with ease and adds even more vintage charm with a double-layer black iron frame. It stands 32 inches tall and would be perfect for a front entrance or bathroom. Buyers note that it has a certain heaviness to it and call it “substantial” which speaks to the overall quality of the piece. One happy customer even hung it horizontally for an unexpected look.

Stone & Beam Antique-Style Metal Frame Hanging Wall Mirror Courtesy of Amazon


4. Herringbone Reclaimed Wood Framed Mirror

Craftsmanship and personalization are the focus for this herringbone reclaimed wood framed mirror by Renewed Decor & Storage. Choose from four different sizes and 20 different stain colors (the item displayed is dark walnut) for an irresistible farmhouse antiqued look that will fit into your home seamlessly. All of the reviews mention how excellent the quality is, and how well packed the mirror arrived. One fan assures potential buyers, “I have been in wood manufacturing for over 30 years and I highly recommend this product.”

Herringbone Reclaimed Wood Framed Mirror Courtesy of Amazon


5. Fleur de Lis Living Anglo Arendahl Traditional Accent Mirror

One traditional aspect of many antique mirrors is Baroque, which is a detailed and ornate style of 17th and 18th-century European architecture. This one keeps the Baroque styling subtle and not excessively lavish, but the overlay is intricate enough to be eye-catching and open up whatever area you place the mirror in. Its quality is impressive but it still remains lightweight, making it easy to hang. For living and dining spaces, this mirror is sure to dazzle guests with its elegance.

Fleur de Lis Living Anglo Arendahl Traditional Accent Mirror Courtesy of Wayfair


6. Williston Forge Northam Cheval Mirror

A Cheval mirror can be angled by either pushing or pulling, which will swivel it upwards or downwards. The natural wood stain and sleek, slim silhouette make it an essential piece of decor that will hold up over time. There’s just the right amount of purposeful distressing (detailed knots and striations included) for a rustic appearance without it looking outdated or stuffy. A great way to integrate a full-length standing mirror without sacrificing too much space.

Williston Forge Northam Cheval Mirror Courtesy of Wayfair


7. Darby Home Co Araminta Traditional Cheval Mirror

This Cheval mirror is a little more traditional than some of the farmhouse-inspired ones on this roundup, so for those who truly want to imitate the look of an antique mirror, consider this warm-toned piece with an adjustable tilt and minimalist design, complete with a smooth finish and beveled glass. The frame is made from premium solid oak, ensuring a long-lasting life. Brighten up any area with this American-style piece that’s a breeze to assemble.

Darby Home Co Araminta Traditional Cheval Mirror Courtesy of Wayfair


8. FirsTime & Co. Grandview Arched Window Mirror

Arched window mirrors offer a windowpane-style look that immediately adds sophistication and spruces up any space. This wall-mounted model has an industrial meets rustic vibe using glass, metal, and solid fir wood with a weathered finish. The curved arches turn this from a simple mirror to a memorable accent piece that is sure to earn compliments. If you have any mid-century style design elements or furniture in your home, this will be a fabulous addition.

FirsTime & Co. Grandview Arched Window Mirror Courtesy of Amazon


9. Barnyard Designs Decorative Distressed Unfinished Wood Mirror

If you prefer a bold piece without all the frills and details, consider Barnyard Designs’ 24” x 58” mirror which can lean against the wall, or be mounted — it comes with pre-installed wall mounting hooks so that you can try it out in different areas of the house without needing to commit. One buyer suggested purchasing black risers to add some height if you don’t feel like hanging it on the wall. This mirror is also available in different colors from Barnyard Design’s Amazon store.

Barnyard Designs Decorative Distressed Unfinished Wood Mirror Courtesy of Amazon


10. Birch Lane Fyfe Oval Mirror in Antique Gold Leaf

This oval-shaped creation by Birch Lane is definitely one of the more lavish antique mirrors on our list, but also one of the most likely to pass as genuine vintage. It’s country-style and romantic, with a grey glaze and gold leaf finish that’s delicately covered in a vine and bird design. If the finish doesn’t exactly match your home’s color palette, you can always paint it, as one reviewer did.

Birch Lane Fyfe Oval Mirror in Antique Gold Leaf Courtesy of Wayfair


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