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Can You Really Make a “Shower Thoughts” Notepad Totally Waterproof? We Put This One to the Test

You know those random thoughts, ideas and sudden memories you have while taking a shower?

“Oh, right! I have to pick up the dry cleaning!” 

“I wonder if fish experience sunrises and sunsets.” 

“Ah yes, Brad, my first kiss is 7th grade. I wonder what he’s up to.” 

Some thoughts are better off washed down the drain, but others are pertinent enough to write down! Except, if you try to write them down while you’re all sudsy with body wash or mid-condition you run a few risks. One, getting your smartphone wet or two, smudging the ink on a regular piece of paper with water drips and rendering it ineligible for after you towel off. Thankfully, there’s a better way. And it actually works!

Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad

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This waterproof notepad from Aqua Notes came across my feed a few weeks back and I was skeptical. I thought there was no way the paper was actually waterproof and if it was, that there were zero chances it was easy to write on. I’m pleased to report I was wrong on both counts.

I’ve used the Aqua Notes pad now multiple times and it works quite well. It comes with suction cups attached to it so it can easily stick to the wall, and a pencil with suction cups on it as well. It also comes with 40 perforated pages that are easy to tear off and bring with you once you’re done cleansing. I recommend using the included pencil rather than a pen, since ink from a pen is bound to bleed. The pencil is not a perfect system, since I imagine leaving it in your steaming shower for weeks on end may result in mold, but it writes on the pages well.

The notepad is not difficult to write on, and the words stay legible on the page even after a long shower. If you get the word wet directly after writing it the pencil bleeds slightly, but I was overall very impressed with the experience of successfully writing on a wet sheet of paper in the shower.

The note pages are made using soy-based ink and wind energy, so not only are they a convenient choice for shower thoughts but they’re sustainably-made as well. It’s not just a helpful notepad for the shower either! It would be great for a contemplative walk in the rain or for working by the pool.

For individuals who love to brainstorm while shampooing, couples who like to leave cute notes or those who can’t help but multitask during a cleanse, it’s a worthwhile purchase.