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This $40 Shower Head Gives Your Bathroom an Instant Upgrade

* Enjoy six awesome power settings
* Worry-free installation means this showerhead is extra easy to set up
* Hands-free operation at any angle

The AquaDance 3-Way Premium Showerhead is a great way to instantly upgrade your bathroom and improve your overall shower experience for a great, low price.This premium showerhead is a 3-way rain shower system with two separate heads that have six full spray settings. Each showerhead can be used separately or together, as an overhead system or handheld with an angle-adjustable design and modern, all-chrome finish.

This showerhead set comes complete with a large seven-inch rainfall showerhead with a power click lever and rub-clean jets for easy cleaning and prevention of lime buildup. The second matching showerhead is a handheld with a four-inch face and power click lever with six settings. Also included are an ergonomic grip, rub-clean jets and an easy-to-install (no professional needed) five-foot hose with an anti-swivel lock to keep your showerhead in place.

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Your new showerhead(s) will allow you to easily change from one setting to another — choose from power rain, pulsating massage, power mist rain massage and rain mist. The last setting is a unique water-saving pause mode which allows you to save water in RVs and boats. With a total of 12 full and 18 combined modes, getting ready in the morning will never be the same.


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