6 Best-Selling Artificial Plants That Actually Look Real For Those Lacking a Green Thumb

artificial plants that look real
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* Caring for living plants takes time and some kind of green thumb
* These artificial plants look real but require no care or watering
* They’re ideal for adding green space to your home or office

One of the easiest ways to liven up your office or any room in the house is to add a splash of green, most often in the form of a plant. While the process of buying and placing the plant are pretty straightforward, one thing that is often overlooked is that real plants need to be cared for. Granted, if you have a green thumb, that isn’t too difficult. But, if you just can’t seem to keep anything green alive or you simply don’t have the time, artificial plants might be right up your alley.

Not only do artificial plants look remarkably similar to the originals. When done well, they save you time, effort and worry by never requiring anything more than occasional dusting.

Below, we’ve put together a list of real plant alternatives that actually look real. From decorative palm leaves and desktop pots to hanging vines and classy corner plants, these will deliver a dose of green to your home.

1. LOMIRO Artificial Palm Leaves

Nothing says relax and unwind like having palm leaves within your view. And while you can’t always be on the beach, with these LOMIRO Artificial Palm Leaves, you don’t have to be. Inside this 24-piece kit, you’ll find two different types of tropical palm leaves to be used as green decoration. These leaves are ideal for bordering bookshelves, desks and cabinets to let your mind wander to tropical destinations throughout the day.

artificial plants palm leaves Image courtesy of Amazon


2. JUSTOYOU Artificial Hanging Plants

If you can’t spare floor or desk space for adding a bit of green to your interiors, then give this JUSTOYOU Artificial Hanging Plants a go. Each leaf is made from a high-quality cloth and plastic mix to give this plant a more convincing appearance than many other options on the list. You can also choose between grape, ivy and scindapsus vines for your decoration. Plus, you can hang or wall mount the arrangement.

artificial plants hanging ivy Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Vickerman Artificial Ficus Bush

With the Vickerman Artificial Ficus Bush in your home, you’ll find it difficult to tell where the real plant ends and the artificial one begins. By using real wood trunks from the USA and mixing them with the 950 artificial leaves, Vickerman has created a truly convincing plant substitute. To further convince observers of the realness, the attached leaves have been cut into varying sizes with realistic coloring to boot.

artificial plants ficus tree Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Nearly Natural Pothos With Vase

If you prefer the idea of a plant for a desk, tabletop or shelf, the Nearly Natural Pothos Plant may be the right choice for you. Obviously, the plastic build still means this plant requires no watering or daily maintenance even though the life-like appearance may have you convinced otherwise. The plant is presented in a wicker-like pot, and it’s an ideal substitute for those who can’t keep a plant alive no matter how hard they try.

artificial plants pothos with pot Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Nearly Natural Agave Plant With Black Planter

Using a combination of 58 life-like leaves, the Nearly Natural Agave Plant creates a classy dose of green finished with a stylish, natural-looking base. This plant definitely doesn’t look fake. The convincing look is completed by a gray-green color, mimicking the real colors of the warm weather, desert plant. This particular artificial plant also has over 230 5-star reviews on Amazon from customers happy.

artificial plants agave Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Nearly Natural Sansevieria Plant

The Nearly Natural Sansevieria Plant comes ready to go on display in your office or home space. It includes an attractive, decorative black planter, which gives it a stylish look capable of blending with a range of interior designs. It also sits at 35 inches high and is therefore large enough to add color to your space without overpowering. This planter is ideal for anyone who loves a natural feel to their home but was born without a green thumb.

artificial plants sansevieria with pot Image courtesy of Amazon


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