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Don’t Have a Green Thumb? Fake It With This Lush Looking Snake Plant

* Durable faux snake plant
* Ceramic planter set on a modern metal stand
* Sized for placement on the floor

There’s no arguing the beauty of nature. From delicate orchid plants to towering weeping fig trees, inviting the outdoors in can instantly elevate the look — and mood — of any home. But if you’re a city dweller with shadowy spots in your apartment, or just a regular black thumb, maintaining some fresh flora can be something of a pipe dream.

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Or is it? Enter the 21st century world of fake plants, and yes, we know what you’re thinking. Once an item with a questionable taste level, what’s around now may surprise you. Take Threshold’s artificial snake plant, seen here. Its sculptural, generous leaves and mid-century modern planter call to mind much higher-priced counterparts, but it’s faux material make it much easier to take care of. Unique variations in color, shape and size give each leaf a life-like quality incredibly similar to its real-life versions.

At almost two feet tall, it’s sized just right for placement on the floor. And if it doesn’t suit you there, it’ll lend its style to pretty much anywhere else you park it, because it’ll always look fresh.

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