No-Maintenance Greenery at Home is Possible With These Artificial Trees

best artificial trees
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Buying an artificial or faux tree has become easier these days as the design and materials of these trees have improved and become so sophisticated, you will be hard-pressed to figure out the real from the fake.

Since these trees are well designed and constructed to be life-like in appearance, they make for great decor pieces anywhere inside your home or office. With no maintenance required, you can easily liven up your entryway, window space, or anywhere else where you feel a little something green may be necessary.

We have chosen some great artificial trees below that will remain eternally green, look full and fresh every day and only need to be wiped down with a soft dry cloth when needed. Whether you choose a ficus or the ever-popular fiddle leaf fig, you can have the peace of mind knowing these trees are well designed from the top to the bottom, have life-like leaves that accurately show color and texture and will improve the overall look of any room.

1. Goplus Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree by Goplus measures 71 inches in height, is made from high-quality materials with leaves that have a clear texture and even, vivid color. It comes with a flower pot that is made of soft PP material and contains cement inside which can ensure the overall stability of the tree. With no assembly required, this tree is ideal for indoors and matches perfectly with any decor style.

Pros: The branches on this tree have sturdy metal wires that can be adjusted to any position needed.

Cons: It is recommended to keep this tree indoors.

artifical tree goplus Courtesy of Amazon

2. Nearly Natural Ficus Silk Tree

The Ficus Tree by Nearly Natural is an artificial tree standing six feet high, with a deep green and has 1,008 individual leaves on several sturdy branches. The ficus will look great in a window, entryway or even the office and will look life-like in appearance for years to come. This authentic reproduction requires no maintenance, no watering. This ficus only requires a simple wipe down now and again with a soft dry cloth to remove dust.

Pros: This tree arrives in a non-decorative nursery pot so you can place it in a planter suitable to your decor.

Cons: The tree will need some light fluffing and arranging after unboxing.

artifical tree Nearly Natural Courtesy of Amazon

3. Vert Lifestyle Luxury Japanese Fruticosa Tree

Add some green to your indoor space with the beautiful Vert Lifestyle Luxury Japanese Fruticosa Tree. The tree is handmade and features natural-looking bark and life-like leaves that give every unit a unique finish. Standing approximately 160 cm tall, the midsize tree is ideal for both small and large spaces. The tree comes with a seven-inch pot that can be displayed on its own or inserted into larger planters. Once the tree has been unboxed, users can fluff the leaves to help add depth and dimension.

Pros: Vert Lifestyle has a step-by-step video showing how to unbox and care for their new tree.

Cons: You may want to upgrade the basic pot included with the tree.

Vert Lifestyle Luxury Japanese Fruticosa Tree Courtesy of Amazon

4. Nearly Natural Golden Cane Palm Tree

Dream of sunny beaches and warm weather with the Nearly Natural Golden Cane Palm Tree.  Standing 78 inches tall, the palm tree features 333 individual leaves that give it a realistic and full appearance. Maintenance is easy and it can quickly freshen up the look of the tree by wiping dust and dirt from leaves with a soft dry cloth.

Pros: The Golden Cane Palm Tree arrives with a large pot that can be displayed on its own or inside an ornamental pot.

Cons: The pot that comes with the tree is easily broken.

Nearly Natural Golden Cane Palm Tree Courtesy of Amazon

5. Vickerman 4-Feet Artificial Natural Ficus Bush

For a full and luscious looking tree that fits in small and large spaces, we recommend the Vickerman 4-Feet Artificial Natural Ficus Bush. The Vickerman is a midsize tree that can fit into small pockets of space or create depth in large rooms by being placed on a table or stand. Made using silk and plastic, the tree features 950 life-like leaves that give it a natural look. The real wood trunks used for the tree are made in the US.

Pros: The Vickerman comes with a beautiful rattan basket and can also be upgraded to a solid black pot.

Cons: The tree may have an unpleasant chemical smell when initially unboxed.

Vickerman 4-Feet Artificial Natural Ficus Bush Courtesy of Amazon

6. Arcadia Silk Plantation Spiral Boxwood Artificial Topiary Trees

Create symmetry and add an infusion of color with the Arcadia Silk Plantation Spiral Boxwood Artificial Topiary Trees. An ideal option for framing doorways or walkways, the set of two four-foot trees create a lush landscape when placed together and add a beautiful splash of greenery when separated. Both trees come with a simple pot to help keep them standing upright and can easily be placed in a larger decorative pot. Assembling the trees is simple and you can quickly fluff the trees to give them more shape and depth.

Pros: The Arcadia trees are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cons: The trees should be placed in a weighted base if used outdoors to ensure they aren’t knocked over by the wind.

Arcadia Silk Plantation Spiral Boxwood Artificial Topiary Trees Courtesy of Amazon