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Kibble Conveyance: The 5 Best Automatic Feeders for Your Pets

* Ensure your pet never goes hungry
* Ideal for owners who spend long hours away from home
* Programmable models and a remote controlled smart option

Like most people, your pets aren’t too happy when they miss a meal. Whether you’re working long hours or often find yourself stuck in traffic, unexpected hassles shouldn’t mean your pet misses out on their meal. These five automatic pet feeders are made for people who need to spend hours away from the house, but who don’t want to forget Fido. Not only do these devices ensure your pet eats when necessary, they also provide the exact portion size and time that your cat or dog gets fed in order to control their food intake so that they stay healthy.

1. PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder

A simple and straightforward device to hand over the daily feeding. Using the handy food storage compartment and the digital timer, you’re able to schedule your pet’s feeding times in one hour increments for up to five meals a day. This easy-to-use feeder is great for people who work long hours or just fancy some extra time in bed without having to get up and prepare the pooch’s breakfast.


2. ICOCO Automatic Pet Feeder

With an impressive storage capacity and a built-in LCD screen for easy control, the ICOCO automatic pet feeder is ideal for pet owners who need a helping hand at feeding time. Not only does this intelligent feeder deliver your pre-programmed amount of food (between 1/4 and 3 cups), it’ll also calls your pet with your very own recorded voice–a great feature for pets who need to know it’s time to eat.

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3. HoneyGuaridan Automatic Pet Feeder

This fully programmable pet feeder from HoneyGuaridan can take care of feeding the average pet for up to a week. The storage container holds up to 12 cups of dry food, and the fully programmable delivery system works up to six times a day. Each meal is also accompanied by a 12-second recorded voice message.


4. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

Featuring a kick-bin style design, the Arf Pets Automatic Feeder is a great way to keep your pets well fed and healthy. With the option of up to 4 meals a day of 1 to 10 portions per sitting, this pet bowl will ensure your cat or dog never goes hungry or gets overfed. The magnetic lock lid prevents your pets from helping themselves, while the removable feeding dish and inner container makes cleaning the device hassle free.


5. PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

This is the ultimate in remote controlled pet feeding and monitoring. Using your personal smartphone and the free PetSafe app, the Smart Feed Automatic Feeder allows you to control and monitor your pet’s meals on the go. Plus you’ll be able to change the time and portion size of each meal whenever you feel the need. The smart app also provides feeder activity from the previous two weeks and gives you the choice to “Feed Now” or “Slow Feed” your pet if they have trouble controlling their intake.

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