Kill Boredom, Not Animals: Hunt Down Papertrophy’s Amazing Origami Wall Art Instead

paper trophy origami wall art
Courtesy of Papertrophy
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One of two things is probably going on in your house right now. The kids are bored and driving you berserk, or you’re tired of Netflix binging and desperate for some other way to spend your time. Either way? You’re going nuts.

German company Papertrophy will have you, your kids or everyone in your household spending rewarding hours of time and adding amazing decor to your house with its absolutely gorgeous origami wall trophies: incredible precut paper models of animal heads. The only thing you’ll be killing to hang these trophies on your wall is boredom.

There are 27 different Papertrophy models available on their site, ranging in price from 40 to 100 Euros (about $43-$109 USD). Lions, tigers and bears (oh my), sharks, dinos, unicorns and one particularly adorable French bulldog  — all cool wall art which looks like taxidermy crossed with Jeff Koons pop art sculptures. (Minus the $91 million price tag, of course.)

We agree, origami is a little intimidating unless it’s something you’ve already mastered. But Papertrophy makes it easy to assemble these amazing pieces of art. The models come pre-cut, pre-folded and numbered. You just have to carefully stick them together as marked and use the right amount of paper glue. Papertrophy (natch) recommends its own brand of glue, but any good paper glue should work fine.

papertrophy wall art Courtesy of Papertrophy
paper trophy french bulldog Courtesy of Papertrophy
paper trophy instructions assembly Courtesy of Papertrophy

But even though all the cuts and folds are already done for you, these are intricate models with lots of parts. Depending on the size and detail of the model, they take between two and six hours to complete. But, if you’re cooped up at home, you have time to kill. And if this is for the young ones, just show them a picture of the finished product to motivate them to stick with it. (If either of you get stumped, there are online directions available. And if you’re decorating your kid’s rooms, the German brand’s dinosaur models will delight kids of all ages. There are also freestanding models to decorate your office or living room.

The selection on Papertrophy’s site is amazing, and we wish we could include photos of all of their best creations. However, you can expand the selection further by requesting your favorites in a different color than what you see on the site. Email them in advance at to request. Even without the special requests, though, it’s an awesome menagerie. Check out the unicorn, the panda, the T-Rex, and the hippo. And the skull. And the dragon. And the kitty. Beasts both real and mythical, all eye-popping additions to any wall.

Papertrophy’s materials are all FSC-certified and harvested from sustainable forests, and they plant five new trees per order in cooperation with Edenprojects‘ reforestation efforts. There’s no plastic on their models or in their recyclable packaging. They also support the ecological and conservation efforts of Sea Shepherd and Saving the Survivors through the sale of select products. These are animal heads you can very proudly hang on your walls.

These are fun and rewarding projects for you, the kids, or a combined effort. Hours of easy and fun work later, you have an awesome new piece of wall art for your house, and one less day spent looking for something to do.