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Keep Your Children, Pets and Walls Safe With a Set of Baby Gate Wall Cups

Keeping your loved one safe is a priority for any parent and caregiver. Whether it’s protecting babies who are learning to crawl, energetic puppies or elderly parents who no longer have the control over their balance that they once did, making your home or work environment safe for everyone is a top priority. Baby gates are a convenient and practical way to create a safe space, but gates can often wreak havoc on walls and door openings. That’s why when we install a baby gate, we also use a baby gate wall cup.

A baby gate wall cup has a padded end and that goes against a wall, door opening, or trim to protect the area from gouges and holes left by screws. Instead of inserting hardware into a wall or trim, users insert the hardware into the wall cup, which acts as a middle ground between the gate and the permanent structure of the home. Wall cups provide all the stability of the baby gate without damaging walls and trims, which is especially important for those who are renting or traveling and staying temporarily with family and friends or in an Airbnb.

Baby gates create a safe and accessible environment. When gates are no longer needed, baby gate wall cups help to make their removal easy and mess-free. Check out some of our favorite options below.

1. Vmaisi Circular Baby Gate Wall Cups

Add stability without sacrificing your walls using the Vmaisi Circular Baby Gate Wall Cups. The set of four wall cups come in a variety of colors to match the corresponding baby gate. The cups provide a stable, anti-slip footing for gates and won’t leave a mark. Their small, circular size makes them a great option for areas without much space, including narrow trims.

Pros: The circular design of the wall cups also make these a great option for shower and window rods.

Cons: Too much pressure applied when opening the gate may cause the cups to shift.

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2. Wall Nanny Baby Gate Wall Protector

For a wider base, we recommend the Wall Nanny Baby Gate Wall Protector. Available in six colors, the Wall Nanny protects against wall damage and provides a more stable base for baby gates. The set of four wall cups can be installed without hardware. The flat, rectangular design of the Wall Nanny is ideal for users who want to place their gates as close and flush to the floor as possible.

Pros: The Wall Nanny can be used on the bottom spindles of pressure mounted walk-through baby gates.

Cons: The ‘Wall Nanny’ logo may leave an imprint on some walls.

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3. Vmaisi Rectangular Baby Gate Wall Cup Protector

For users who want a wider, more secure base for their baby gates, we recommend the Vmaisi Rectangular Baby Gate Wall Cup Protector. The protector pads grip the wall without leaving a mark. The set of four wall cups are designed with a universal fit that works with most baby gates. No hardware is needed for installation and the slightly raised design of the cups are ideal for openings that require a small extension.

Pros: The rectangular wall cup provides more space for pressure and therefore a more secure footing than the gate’s original wall attachments.

Cons: The cups may be too large for some door openings.

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4. Wall Nanny Extender

For times when a baby gate is slightly too short to fit an opening, we recommend the Wall Nanny Extender. The extender combines all the wall-saving benefits of a traditional baby gate wall cup with added length for wide openings, saving users from purchasing expensive extension kits or completely new gates. The extenders add 4 inches in total (each extender is 2 inches long) and the set of four can be used together or split with the standard Wall Nanny model above depending on how much length is required.

Pros: Using the Wall Nanny extender enables some gates to withstand up for four times more pressure.

Cons: Depending on the setup, some gates may not remain steady when using the extenders.

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