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Home Harmony: 5 Things to Help You Stop Hating Your Housemates

* Avoid growing to hate your housemates with these hacks
* Products that fix classic roommate issues
* Bathroom lockers, noise cancelling headphones and more

When you live with housemates, it’s the little things that wear you down and make ultimately lead you to feel resentful. Your shampoo needs replacing suspiciously often. You need to work late or study for a test and your housemate is being just a little too loud. While your housemate probably isn’t trying to drive you insane, you end up hating them.

Thankfully there’s a handful of products that can help prevent (or mend) a rift between housemates by making your home fit for multiple people. Below are five of our favorites for fixing age-old housemate problems.

1. Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Upgrading your whole home with these

will make everyone happier. They allow you to control lights from your phone or through Alexa, and allow you to set up a schedule so you never come home to a dark house. This is a must-have for forgetful roommates who constantly leave without turning off the lights.


2. Shlocker Shower Storage Locker

Housemates mooching off your bathroom supplies is the worst. Put an end to it once and for all with one of these bathroom storage lockers. It’s compact, easy to install, and features a drainage system for shower use.

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3. Marpac White Noise Sound Machine

Housemates always seem especially loud when you’re trying to catch some much-needed Z’s. A great fix for this issue is a good white noise machine like this one from Marpac. Unlike a fan, it creates a soothing sound without actually moving any air. It’s sure to block out any video game, phone call, or movie your roommate just had to watch.


4. Eleckey Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

High-quality noise cancelling headphones used to be big-ticket tech items, but brands like Eleckey are now making much more affordable options. These ones block out almost anything your housemate is doing, and have memory foam ear pads for serious comfort.


5. HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock

This digital door lock is great if you or your housemate keeps losing keys, or if things are really dicey and you need a decent lock on your bedroom. It features four ways to unlock – remote control, M1 card, pass code or mechanical key – so you’ll never be locked out.