This Crystal Ball Centerpiece Is In Your Future

Baxter Decorative Crystal Ball
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* Modern home decor inspired by ancient magic
* Crystal balls date back to Celtic Druids
* Excellent decor idea for your table or mantle

Fans of modern design are gazing into this Decorative Crystal Ball and they like what they see in this simple, classy piece of home decor. 

Crafted from clean, clear crystal glass, the Baxter Crystal Ball (from home accessories brand, Two’s Company) makes a beautiful centerpiece for your table, or accent piece for your mantle. Order one today for modern decor inspired by ancient magic.

The history of crystal balls goes back to Celtic Druids, who used beryl balls to divine the future — beryl is a type of mineral rock, such as emerald or aquamarine.

By the First Century, crystal balls were popular among fortune tellers for working their craft. Although the practice of scrying (seeing images in the crystal) was widespread among soothsayers in the Roman Empire, the practice was scorned as heretical by the early Christian church.

In modern times, crystal balls are most often used by stage magicians for performances where they answer audience questions using the “divine power” of the ball. The most famous mentalist to use a crystal ball in the 20th Century was Claude Alexander, whose stage name was “Alexander the Crystal Seer.”

Though we can’t promise grand visions of your future, this crystal ball will conjure up some fun conversation around your table. Weighing a solid five pounds and measuring just under seven inches, it’s the ideal size to add some magic to almost any room in the house.

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