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Little Ones Will Finally Sit Still Thanks To These Bean Bag Chairs For Kids

Maybe there is a seat for kids that is more fun to sit on than a kids’ bean bag chair, but we haven’t found one yet. For the past 50 years, bean bag chairs have evolved from the weird lump in the corner of a dorm room to high-tech seats that can provide storage, create a seating area that is gentle on pressure points, and add some style to your décor. Gone are the bean bag eyesores of yesteryear and in their place are fashionable and comfortable spots to get some rest and relaxation.

Although there are now bean bag chairs designed for adults — like the popular Moon Pod line of bean bags — kids still have the easiest time getting in and out of low seats made just for them. Bean bag chairs for kids are quickly becoming an affordable and versatile item to keep in bedrooms, playrooms, and living rooms, giving kids a spot to call their own and in some cases provided storage for their stuff. Kids. Have. So. Much. Stuff.

As more options open up for kid’s seating, including modular couches and kids’ desks, helping your child create a comfort zone they can call their own is easier than ever. Check out the best bean bags for kids below and be warned: you’re probably going to want one for yourself.

However, before we get into our top picks for the best bean bags for kids, please note that many so-called bean bags for sale on Amazon include the bean bag cover but not the filling, which must be purchased separately. So before you hit that “Add To Cart” button, make sure you’re buying a product that comes with a complete bean bag, not just the cover.

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1. Big Joe Kid’s Milano Smartmax


Big Joe has created a line of fan-favorite bean bag chairs thanks to the company’s minimalist and contemporary designs, easy-to-clean fabrics, affordable price points, and quality workmanship. Their Kid’s Milano Smartmax is a great option for toddlers thanks to its stain-resistant smart ax fabric and 19” height. The chair provides back support and is made with dual zippers and double-stitched lining for added durability. Filled with Megha Beans, the chair weighs less than two pounds, making it easy for both kids and parents to move.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Posh Creations Bean Bag Chair for Kids


In order for a bean bag chair to work for your little one who likes to be in charge, it has to be small enough for them to move it themselves. For toddlers and kids who like to take their bean bag chair with them from room to room, we recommend the Posh Creations Bean Bag Chair for Kids. Available in three sizes and several fun and bright patterns, the Posh Creations chair has a small option that weighs only five pounds, making it easy for little ones to take their new favorite chair from the playroom to their bedroom and back…and forth…one million times a day. All chairs are filled with polystyrene beans and have a removeable washable cover.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

3. 5 STARS UNITED Stuffed Animal Storage


Take back your home that has been overrun by stuffed animals using the 5 Stars United Stuffed Animal Storage bag. Available in several designs, many in neutral tones that won’t create an eyesore if left in communal living spaces, the storage bag arrives empty and ready to be filled with stuffed animals, pillows, sheets, and whatever other soft items kids want to place in the bag. Made from durable and soft cotton canvas, the bag has a large zippered opening and a handle that allows kids to carry their new ‘seat’ around the home. When filled, the bag takes up about 2.5 feet, giving little kids a place to sit and giving parents back their floor.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Yoweenton Unicorn Stuffed Animal Toy Storage Kids Bean Bag Chair


If your child wants a bean bag chair that doubles as a massive stuffy, we like the whimsical creations from Yoweenton. The company offers several soft and furry stuffy-style bean bag chairs, including unicorns, bears, reindeer, mermaids, flamingos, and a shark. The bean bag chair arrives empty and can be filled with stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows. Available in two sizes for big and small kids, the storage bag has a durable zipper that runs along the bottom and is finished with soft and durable fabric that makes for an inviting spot for kids to lounge.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Amazon Basics Memory Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair


Older kids and teens may have gotten rid of (most of) their stuffies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want a soft place to land. The Amazon Basics Memory Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair is a great option for big kids and teens who want to create a comfortable chill zone in their room. Available in three sizes in the chair design (shown here) and two sizes in a longer, lounger model, the memory foam bean bag chair comes in six solid colors for the almost-grown-up. The microfiber cover is stain-resistant and durable and provides a comfortable seat for one to two people depending on chair size.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair by Huddle Supply Co.


When it’s time for kids to max out on relaxing, the Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair by Huddle Supply Co. is a great option. The family-run company has crafted a lounger-style stuffed animal storage bag that comes in five cute patterns that are all designed to – wait for it – hide stuffed animals AND dirt. Each lounger has a three-way design that lets kids change up the look and provides a spot to store stuffed animals, towels, sheets, and any other soft items taking over your home. The loungers are made with 100 percent cotton canvas that can be machine washed when necessary. A sturdy, reinforced zipper adds to the lounger’s durability and a strong handle makes it easy for kids and parents to move the lounger from room to room.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

7. CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair


For a bean bag chair that also makes a great temporary mattress for sleepovers, we like the CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair. The Shark Tank product is available in Full, Queen, and King sizes and folds from a traditional bean bag chair into a flat mattress when unzipped. A great option for sleepovers, the chair has a washable microfiber cover and a comfortable foam filling that is great for sitting, lounging and sleeping.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Moon Pod



For any seat to be worth its $400 price tag, it better look amazing or make you feel amazing. The Moon Pod does both. Big enough for adults but comfortable enough to be enjoyed by users of all ages, the Moon Pod uses high-density beads to mimic the sensation that often comes from Flotation Therapy, which can help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety, two feelings kids and adults both encounter. The Moon Pod adjusts to support the user thanks to its stretchy dual shell membrane. Unlike most bean bag chairs that are designed to be big enough for adults, the Moon Pod only weighs 12 pounds, making it light enough for big kids to move without assistance.

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Image courtesy of Moon Pod

9. Lovesac GamerSac


Lovesac is known for its modular couches and comfortable sacs, including its GamerSac. The smallest of all the sacs available, the GamerSac is probably more than most parents want to spend on a bean bag chair for their child, but the seat is large enough to comfortably fit adults as well. Lovesac sacs are designed to last for life thanks to their machine washable covers that can also be replaced. Each sac is filled with long-lasting Shredded Durafoam, creating a seat that is comfortable and will also bounce back even after extended sitting sessions.

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Image courtesy of Lovesac

10. Anywhere Bean Bag by Pottery Barn Kids


Kids love seeing their name on items, so cut down on fights over whose bean bag chair belongs to whom with a personalized seat from Pottery Barn. The Anywhere Bean Bag chair is filled with 50 percent recycled polystyrene and creates a 31” diameter. The removable, 100 percent cotton twill slipcover can be machine washed and personalized. When one child outgrows the chair, parents can buy a new, personalized slipcover separately. Who says the second child never gets anything new(ish)?

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Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

The Best Bean Bag Chairs for Teens & Adults