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The Brand-New Bearaby Cuddler Has Proved I’m Strong, Independent & Don’t Need No Man

I’ve been 100% cuddle-free for a few months ever since my summer fling/possible love of my life moved to Berlin. Rude, right? Anyway, Bearaby, the creator of one of our favorite weighted blankets, must have been completely aware of my post-“what could have been” situationship.


Because today, September 13, Bearaby just launched the Bearaby Cuddler — a cushy alternative to any warm-blooded cuddle buddy. And essentially, Bearaby has proven to the world that you don’t need a living, breathing cuddle buddy for some extra snugglin’. How do I know that? Well, Bearaby gave me the opportunity to test the Cuddler before its release today, and now I cannot sleep without it.

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Tyler cuddling the Bearaby Cuddler Tyler Schoeber | SPY

I’m the type of person that needs to fall asleep every night holding onto something. I’m typically holding tight to my Pillow Pet between my arms while simultaneously squeezing a pillow between my thighs in order to get some proper shut-eye. I don’t know why; it’s just the way my body was designed.

The problem is that this method isn’t always the most comfortable. My Pillow Pet gets too hot, and the pillow I use toward my legs has a way of crumpling like a piece of newspaper. Nonetheless, this is something I need for sleep. That’s why I was so excited when Bearaby enlisted me as one of their pre-launch guinea pigs for testing the Cuddler.

The Cuddler itself is a sustainably made, ergonomically designed full-body pillow made for huggin’ and lovin’ day in and day out. Each pillow is created using Melofoam, an all-natural rubber that has a bouncy consistency and pressurizing feel against your body. You know, as if the pillow is a real person.

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Courtesy of Bearaby

I’ve used many full-body pillows before, and I’ve never experienced anything quite like the Cuddler. It’s got the perfect weight for a soothing slumber; the softest exterior one might ever feel on a pillow and a length that’s long enough for any position you might place yourself in. If you could pack a therapy session into a pillow, this would be the pillow. Trust me.

As of today, you can purchase all 8.8 lbs of the Bearaby Cuddler online for $199. We know what you’re thinking, “$199!?” And, yes, it’s $199. The best $199 you’ll ever spend. Snag the Cuddler as is, including a 100% organic cotton cover in their classic Cloud White or purchase another Bearaby color (Moonstone Grey, Asteroid Grey, Evening Rose and Midnight Blue) for $129 apiece.

What are you waiting for? It’s time for snuggles.

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Courtesy of Bearaby