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Snuggle Up With Bearaby’s Gorgeous Weighted Blankets From the New Harvest Collection

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At this point the weight of the world is getting pretty heavy, but why not add a couple more pounds with one of Bearaby’s new fall-colored weighted blankets? Why? Because this weight ain’t the bad kind.

If you’ve never had the chance to experience the warming, heavy hug provided by the best weighted blanket, you have never experienced maximum comfort. I don’t care how comfortable you say your bed is. Owning a weighted blanket completely changes all snoozefests and lay seshes entirely. Especially now that the weather is changing, who doesn’t love staying cozy all day in bed or on the couch? A weighted blanket is built to help you do that.

While there are multiple different kinds of weighted blankets on the market, the majority are filled with awkward beading and other fillers in order to add that soothing weight. Although adding the extra filler certainly does the trick, users might begin to feel trapped and overheated due to lack of breathability.

That’s why we love Bearaby weighted blankets here at SPY. Instead of buying a weighted blanket on Amazon, you’ll want to check out Bearaby’s new fall collection, which features their weighted cotton blankets in gorgeous new colors.

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Courtesy of Bearaby


What’s So Special About Bearaby Weighted Blankets?

Instead of slapping two fabrics together and stuffing the space in between to weigh it down, Bearaby’s Cotton Napper solely uses a chunky organic cotton knit weave to add weight. This unique design not only allows airflow underneath the sheets, but it also means that this blanket is washer and dryer friendly, which is relatively unheard of in the world of weighted blankets.

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All of Bearaby’s nappers are hand-made, vegan and plant-based, so you can sleep sound knowing you didn’t heavily impact the destruction of the environment around you. And in addition to Bearaby’s line of original colors, they just released their new Harvest Collection for the autumn season, gracing us with four new gorgeous colors to fall-ify your home.

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Courtesy of Bearaby

The Harvest Collection is available in seasonably appropriate colors like the beautifully festive yellow called Cozy Corn; a deep, almost witchy purple named Evening Eggplant; a potent and juicy blue called Goodnight Grape; and an orange resembling your favorite fall soup titled Butternut Bliss. If Bearaby’s intent is to help get us in the fall spirit, it is 100% working. These color choices are striking.

Bearaby Nappers are made from 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex, meaning they’re both soft and a little bit stretchy. Each blanket comes in three weight variations to choose from, being 15, 20, and 25 pounds. It’s suggested that when picking your blanket’s weight choice, choose the option that’s closest to 10% of your own bodyweight for maximized comfort.

It’s about time you should snag one of these for yourself before the Harvest Collection goes bye-bye. Before you do, note that depending on which weight you choose, your napper will be priced differently. The 15lb napper goes for $249, the 20lb for $259 and the 25 lb for $279.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now.

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Courtesy of Bearaby