Cozy Up in the Perfect Atmosphere With These Best Bedroom Lamps

Bedroom lamp from Wayfair
Courtesy of Wayfair

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No furnished room — especially a bedroom — is complete until you’ve nailed the lighting. Think about it: this is the space where you will unwind after a long day and decompress until the next morning. When the sun goes down you want to make it a warm and welcoming space, and what better way to do that than with the perfect lighting situation?

That doesn’t just mean finding a killer overhead light, either. Having a mix of lighting is key when it comes to properly lighting a space with a welcoming vibe and ambiance. That’s where warm bedroom lamps can make a huge difference. Finding the perfect pieces don’t just add instant design appeal and personality to a room—they also set the tone and dictate how comfy you’re going to be in that hour or so before bed each night.


How to Pick the Perfect Bedroom Lamp

If you’re in the market for a bedside lamp, ensure it has a base that easily fits on your night table and is tall enough for your bed and headboard. A good rule of thumb is to look for a lamp where the bottom of the lampshade is just below eyesight when you’re sitting upright in bed.

You’ll also want to consider extra features like a dimmer or a movable shade so that you can create the perfect ambiance every night. It’s equally important to pick out a good bulb — a warm-colored LED can be inviting and calming, while higher color-temperature bulbs can cast a colder, blue feel.

It’s also a good idea to consider how you’ll be using the lamps in question. If your space is small, the lamp’s biggest function is to add soft lighting. If you plan on reading in bed, perhaps you should consider a model that allows for more light. Do you have a bigger space with dark corners, a desk or a reading chair? Maybe you’ll want a floor model that casts a little more light instead.

And what if you don’t have night tables or your room is on the smaller side? That’s where wall lamps can also help add the perfect lighting to a room without taking up as much space.


1. Aooshine Minimalist Bedside Table Lamp


If you prefer a bedside lamp but have very little night table space, this minimalist design packs a big punch. Its simple design works with a variety of preferences, while the beige linen shade creates a soft LED lighting that’s just bright enough to read with. It’s the perfect size for a dorm or a smaller bedroom, plus the on-off switch is placed on the cord for less reaching when you need to turn it off from bed. This lamp is so beloved that more than 90% of online reviewers have given it a four-star rating or higher.

Basic bedroom lamp Courtesy of Amazon

2. Simple Designs Home Chrome Mini Basic Table Lamp


If you’re looking for a basic lamp that’s on budget and gets the job done, we’re fans of this minimalist model. It’s good for smaller spaces like dorms or guest bedrooms, and the shades come in a variety of colors to suit different decors. We do wish that the recommended candelabra bulbs were included, but reviewers have easily sourced them online at Amazon or Walmart.

Best bedroom lamps Courtesy of Amazon

3. Brigs Table Lamp


We love the stylish appeal of this distressed, black ceramic and wood base, which adds instant modernity to any bedroom space. The lightweight unit sits at 17.5” tall on your nightstand, making it a noteworthy accent piece. The people love it too: more than 70% of reviewers are so impressed with how the lamp looks in their space that they’ve given it a five-star review.

Modern bedroom lamp Courtesy of Wayfair

4. Yarra-Décor Bedside Lamp with USB Port


Another minimalist offering, this bedroom lamp comes equipped with two USB ports so that you can easily charge your devices before bed. It also features a three-way, dimmable touch control so that you can choose the brightness, selecting the perfect light for your personalized routine. The linen fabric shade is warm but streamlined, and the unit comes with a 90-day back guarantee, so you can easily return it if you don’t love it in your space.

Bedroom lamp with USB Courtesy of Amazon


5. HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamp


If you’re looking for a more modern bedroom lamp with a vintage feel, 78% of reviewers on Amazon are fans of this affordable model that comes with an easy-to-access, pull-chain switch: because sometimes you just don’t want to fumble around in the dark looking for an awkwardly placed button. This lamp is on the smaller side, so it might get lost in some rooms, but the linen shade still casts a warm glow from the accompanying incandescent, halogen, LED or CFL lightbulb-friendly base.

Bedroom lamp with chain Courtesy of Amazon

6. Ainsworth Blue Table Lamp Set


Sometimes the best way to create a visually appealing bedroom space is by implementing balance. After all, it looks a little weird to have a bedroom lamp on one night table and not the other, right? Enter this duo set, which adds instant personality to both sides of the bedroom with its unique glass body design. It’s functional, too: the lamps come with three-way rotary socket switches to achieve that perfect lighting, plus we love that there’s a hidden USB charging port on the base for that extra bit of nighttime convenience.

Dual lamp set for bedrooms Courtesy of Wayfair

7. Hatch Restore


If you’re really tight for space and prefer not to wake up with the sallow glow of your phone, a well-designed alarm clock lamp is an alternative pick for lighting up your bedroom at night. We’re huge fans of the Hatch Restore, which we’ve tested and used to help perfect the ideal bedtime routine. Easily set the reading function, ambient noise and light settings via your smartphone, then snuggle into your pillow for a little pre-sleep relaxation.

Bedroom lamp with alarm clock Courtesy of Amazon

8. Echo Glow Multicolor Smart Lamp for Kids


Let’s face it: these days kids are growing up with smart technology, so why not embrace it — especially when it comes to their bedroom light? This struggle-free light is easy to control with an accompanying Alexa device, plus it lets kids change colors and select their own music. The built-in Rainbow Timer is a handy visualization tool for personalizing your child’s bedtime routine, plus it comes with a reading timer and a light-show option for when kids need a little dance party to shake out that extra energy before bed.

Bedroom light for kids Courtesy of Amazon

9. addlon LED Floor Lamp


This modern but functional floor lamp adds a touch of design to your room while still providing ample lighting to your reading area or desk space. It’s well-weighted so it won’t tip over and the included LED bulb is designed to avoid overheating no matter how long you have it on. It’s also compatible with smart outlets that work with Alexa, Google Home Assistant or Apple HomeKit, or you can easily turn it on and off with the foot-switch, which comes attached to the five-foot cord.

Modern floor lamp for bedrooms Courtesy of Amazon

10. Mainstays 71″ Floor Lamp


If you’ve got a reading space or shadowy corner of the bedroom that’s in need of a little light but you’re on a budget, this floor lamp will probably suit your needs. The basic design makes it a standard addition to any room, as it comes with a nine-inch base and a three-way switch. We’re also fans of the fact that it can take a 150-watt bulb or LED equivalent.

Floor lamp for bedrooms Courtesy of Walmart

11. Simple Designs Etagere Organizer Shelf Floor Lamp with Linen Shade


Light up the darkest corner of your bedroom while incorporating extra, coveted space with this shelf floor lamp. It comes in several colors and allows you to easily display books or knickknacks, plus it uses an incandescent light bulb inside the linen lampshade to cast that perfect mood lighting.

Floor lamp with shelves Courtesy of Walmart

12. Uncommon Goods Smart Lighting Panels


If you’re tight on space but looking for lighting that offers maximum design appeal, these unique and customizable panel lights are a fun, remote-controlled choice. Not only can you snap the tiles together to create your perfect geometric wall lamp, but you can also customize each piece’s individual color. They also come with built-in audio sensors so that you can match your light to your music, or flip them into mirror mode where they’ll match the tones and hues of your smart TV.

Customizable bedroom lamp Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

13. Sand & Stable Beckham 1


In terms of wall lamps, this swing lamp from Wayfair packs a big design punch without taking up too much physical space in your room. We love that you can adjust the lamp for the best possible lighting situation (reading, middle-of-the-night bathroom trips), and we’re also fans of the fact that it comes in several different finishes to complement your specific taste. We’re not alone, either; more than 73% of reviewers have given this wall lamp a five-star rating.

Modern wall lamp for bedroom Courtesy of Wayfair

14. PARTPHONER Plug in Wall Sconces


Create the perfect atmosphere in even the smallest bedroom with these dimmable wall lamps, which you can install either via hardwire or plug-in, depending on your preference. They’re adjustable so that you can shine a light exactly where you need it, and they come with a modern brass finish that feels slick and stylish. They also happen to be compatible with a variety of different bulbs (not included), making this unit one of the most affordable and customizable wall lamp picks.

Wall lights for bedrooms Courtesy of Amazon

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