Bedside Manner: The 6 Best Bed Shelves and Caddies for Small Spaces

bamboo bunk shelf
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* Have bedside space, even if there isn’t room for a night stand
* Choose between caddies or attachable trays
* They’re durable, with a variety of storage options

Whether you’re in a dorm room or a tiny apartment, there isn’t always room for a great night stand, and that usually means spilling your glass of water on the floor, or losing your phone in the covers. The solution? Grab one of these affordable bed caddies, which offer handy additional storage for all your necessities, without taking space on the floor.

1. ILoveShop Bedside Organizer

This storage organizer hangs easily over headboards and bed rails, and it’s an easy storage spot for your reading materials as you’re drifting to sleep. Made of Oxford Cloth and available in Navy, Brown and Black, it has a string bearing force, and won’t easily detach.

Image Courtesy of ILoveShop


2. Smilesun Bedside Caddy

Hang this over your bed or sofa, and easily store your phone, remote, tablet, or anything else you might need immediate access to. With one larger pocket, and three outer mesh pockets, this caddy offers a variety of storage sizes and options.

best bedside caddy Image Courtesy of Smilesun


3. Bunk Buddy Bedside Shelf

Still have yet to invest in a night stand? This beside tray fulfills the same function, and only requires the twist of a thumb to attach to a bed frame. Use it to store your phone, nightly glass of water, or have breakfast in bed.

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4. Bamboo Bunk Bed Shelf

This sleek, simple adjustable shelf has a raised clip to keep everything secure, and to make sure nothing falls off. This works wells for college dorms or studio apartments, where you don’t want a nightstand taking up more space.

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5. Bed Butler

This side shelf made of durable recycled plastic is large and secure enough to hold a laptop, as well as items like your phone or glasses. Have everything you need within an arms reach, in a simple enough design that it blends in with most decors.

best bedside caddy Image Courtesy of Bed Butler


6. BedShelfie

This shelf comes with a custom cutout so you can fit a charging cable through, and it can safely support up to 20 lbs. Each piece is handcrafted from eco-friendly wood, a material which is harder than oak, but matures in 3-5 years, leaving a better environmental footprint.

best bedside caddy Image Courtesy of BedShelfie

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