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Review: BenchMade Modern Can Have a Custom Couch for You in Only a Few Weeks

It’s been said that moving, next to the death of a loved one, is one of the most stressful events you’ll experience in your lifetime. The excitement of starting anew and/or upgrading your current living situation should be motivation enough, but with emotions high and expectations low, any minor blip in this notoriously laborious process can bring a wave of exasperation that not even an adorable puppy, nor a stiff drink, can remedy.

But perhaps the most annoying moving trend of recent is supply chain issues with mainstream furniture retailers, many of whom are currently offering an insane six-month to one-year delivery window on most larger pieces. These significant delays, on top of the desire to quickly furnish a new home, has many people frustrated and turning to custom furniture companies to speed up the process and get exactly what they want, when they want it. In the past, this meant a significantly higher price point, but businesses like BenchMade Modern have made the buying experience more accessible and more affordable than ever before.

I recently purchased my own custom sofa from the trendy site and here is my honest BenchMade Modern review.

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Courtesy of BenchMade Modern


  • Made-to-order with quick delivery (most models)
  • 100-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free swatch sets and furniture print-outs in advance
  • Thousands of customization options
  • Cheaper ready-to-ship options also available


  • Can get costly with delivery fees, as well as upgrades to size, depth, and fabric
  • Production time increases with certain upgrades like leather
  • Styles may be too modern for some consumers

BenchMade Modern’s Ordering Process

BenchMade Modern’s most alluring feature is a streamlined three-step ordering process that even the most tech-illiterate can follow. Here’s how to get started:

1. Choose the Collection

There are currently 15 collections ranging from traditional to modern (though most styles read a bit more contemporary). I opted for their most popular sofa model, the Skinny Fat, which is a sleek, rectangular shape and manufactured in only 14 days.

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Joey Skladany | SPY

2. Choose the Size

If you’re unsure about whether or not a couch will fit, the company will send you a free printout, true to size, so you can place it directly on the floor and see just how much space it will take up in a room. BenchMade Modern also conveniently prints other sizes on the same paper so you can determine if you need to scale back or go bigger without having to place an additional order. 95 inches was perfect for my living area and a giant relief because it added a third seat in the middle, which is exactly the type of couch I wanted.

In addition to couches, sofas and loveseats, the site sells beds, sectionals, chaise lounges, chairs and even ottomans. In fact, there are over 1,100 sizes of furniture to choose from.

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Joey Skladany | SPY

3. Choose the Material

This is obviously the most entertaining part of the customization process. And with over 100 fabric options, it is also the most difficult. BenchMade Modern allows prospective customers to order swatches of their offerings so they can feel them in person and determine if the color matches their decor.

I ultimately decided on the Marfa Sugar Cookie shade — a delicious light tan leather. While the request for a leather couch will increase the manufacturing time to seven weeks, it was completely worth the slightly longer wait. In fact, my couch actually arrived earlier than anticipated after only a month on the production floor.

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Joey Skladany | SPY


BenchMade Modern’s Turnaround Time

Production and delivery times will ultimately vary based on the availability of what you order, as well as its labor demands, but BenchMade Modern touts a three to six-week production time with a one to two-week shipping period. In an effort to maintain full transparency, current lead times can be found here.

If you simply can’t wait, be sure to check out the site’s inventory of discounted, ready-to-ship options that can leave the warehouse in two days.


BenchMade Modern’s Delivery

BenchMade Modern’s standard threshold delivery guarantees that a delivery specialist will safely bring your boxed furniture to a front door or garage during a scheduled appointment. Should you prefer a more comprehensive set-up, you can tack on their white glove delivery option so that the furniture is placed in your home, unwrapped, and free of any remaining packaging.

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Joey Skladany | SPY

BenchMade Modern’s Promise

Purchasing a sofa sight-unseen can be a tad intimidating, which is why BenchMade Modern has instituted a flexible 100-day return policy. If it’s not a fit, you can have it picked up and returned for a full refund (less a 10% return processing fee, as well as a shipping fee. The return processing fee is waived if returned within 14 days.).


The Verdict: Should You Buy BenchMade Modern Furniture?

Custom furniture can be quite expensive, so it’s important to only spend your hard-earned cash on pieces that you absolutely love. That said, your home is your sanctuary and a place to feel the most comfortable after a grueling day of dealing with work and humans in general.

Keep in mind that custom furniture is a long-term investment. A good couch can last for literally decades with fabrics like leather that weather beautifully over time and justify the added initial expense.

Ultimately, BenchMade Modern is absolutely a company that I’d recommend for your next sofa. Every single expectation was met (and even exceeded with the early delivery time!) and I shockingly didn’t face a single issue.

While I do wish the couch wasn’t close to $8,000, I know that it will literally travel with me for years to come. That is, if I ever get off the comfy couch and put any effort into moving again. As of now, it ain’t happening.

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Courtesy of BenchMade Modern

About the Author: Joey Skladany 

Joey is a writer, editor, TV/radio personality, lifestyle expert, former entertainment publicist, and author of Basic Bitchen. As the son of a former esthetician, he has worked extensively in the men’s beauty and skincare space and is a frequent contributor to outlets like AskMen, Beautytap,, People, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, Food52, Cosmopolitan, Apartment Therapy, and more. Recently, Joey has reviewed the best shaving cream for men, Disco skincare for men, and has educated readers on the most common air fryer mistakes.


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