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Beni Rugs Brings Authentic Handmade Moroccan Carpets Direct to Your Home

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Moroccan rugs are easy to find, right? Sure they are. Big-box wholesale clubs have stacks of them, as do those discount mail-order places. But chances are, those rugs are “Moroccan” in the same way Chef Boyardee is “Italian” — mass-produced, cheap, and a far cry from the true traditional craft.

Beni Rugs, on the other hand, are as legit as it gets: handmade, custom, authentic, and absolutely incredible. They’re the kind of amazing home décor that you’ll proudly display forever and your children will fight over when your will is read.

Beni Rugs come directly from the Berber artisans living in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The Berber tribes across North Africa have been renowned for millennia for their weaving, and Beni Rugs come directly from them, from the shearing of the sheep and spinning of the wool to the actual weaving.

The process is as astounding as it is ancient. Beni’s website shows in detail how these artisans create their masterpieces. The dyeing of the wool is fascinating — specific colors created from the specific herbs of each part of the region. You’ll see just how much intricate work goes into every single one of these rugs, which is what makes them true heirlooms.

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Courtesy of Beni Rugs
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Courtesy of Beni Rugs

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Considering where they come from and the process with which they are made, the selection size and customization options are staggering. You can choose from three entire collections of gorgeous pre-designed rugs, or choose one of 21 patterns where you pick the size and colors.

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Sizes range from 3 x 5 feet to 12 x 15 feet. The price is completely in line with what you’re ordering and receiving, ranging from $465 to prices in the thousands. Actually, considering the authentic and bespoke nature of these rugs which will almost certainly last a lifetime and then some, it’s a very good deal.

If your finished product does not look exactly like the one on the website, that’s because, well, it’s made by hand. As they say in Morocco, the slight deviations in detail are the “charm of the hand.” It makes your Beni Rug truly yours.

While Beni processes orders within 24 hours and delivers them to their weavers immediately, you can clearly understand why it will take roughly 10-14 weeks for your rug to arrive. And also why, since they are custom-made in the Atlas Mountains, they are not returnable.

Beni Rugs gives you access to a world of incredible authentic craftsmanship, allowing you to select it to your specifications and bring it into your home. It’s an amazing opportunity well worth exploring.