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Bring Your Walls To Life With a Captivating Piece of 3D Art

Filling a home or office with art is an exciting adventure that allows people to show off their personality and add character to their space. It can also be a chore if the only artwork you find comes with a massive price tag. If you share your space with another person, finding art you both agree on can also be difficult and result in your walls remaining bare. Thankfully, there is 3D art, which pulls in various styles, can have a multimedia aspect, and be yes, affordable. It’s possible to make your home look cool and unique while still being able to afford your rent.

Buying art has never been easier thanks to online retailers who are helping independent artists get their work to a wider audience. When it comes to choosing the art that is right for your space, knowing your dimensions and deciding what style you want for your decor is the first step. After that, it’s simply a matter of looking through the thousands of options online until you find what speaks to you. With 3D art, customers can turn a boring office wall into a conversation piece. Want to make your kids’ rooms their favorite place to be? A 3D mural will help. Need an easy way to distract guests from your outdated bathroom? A beautiful piece of 3D artwork will be the only thing they notice while washing their hands.

Adding a piece of art to a space you look at every day is a big decision. With 3D art, customers can get a unique creation that invites them to get lost in the details. Check out some of our top picks below.

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1. ArtTeamCanvas 3D Black Abstract Wall Decor


For a piece of art that appears to jump off the wall, we like the versatile ArtTeamCanvas 3D Black Abstract Wall Decor. Printed on canvas and backed by wood, the art piece creates a 3D dimension that viewers will want to see up close. We like that the black abstract painting is versatile enough to work in just about any room in the home or office. Customers can customize their 3D piece by opting for one large panel or splitting up the painting in three, four and five-panel designs.

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Image courtesy of ArtTeamCanvas

2. Mercer41 Oversized Broken 3D Design Wall Clock


For art that doubles as a timepiece, we like the Mercer41 Oversized Broken 3D Design Wall Clock. Art can be functional and that is the case with the 100% aluminum clock that is decorated with faux shards of glass. The clock is finished with a smooth gloss that beautifully catches the light while giving the illusion that the black face of the clock is laying underneath a broken mirror. Perfect for an office or kitchen, the clock will inspire thoughts of breaking through time constraints. Or something like that. Art is whatever you want it to be.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Wayfair

3. Art3d Textures 3D Wall Panels


Art doesn’t have to be confined to a frame for it to have an impact. For a piece of art you can expand and customize to fit your space, we like the Art3d Textures 3D Wall Panels. Available in a white or black matte finish, the 19.7″ x 19.7” PVC tiles come in a set of 12 and creates a dramatic and artistic element to any wall space. Using all-purpose glue, the tiles can create art installations on walls, cabinets, headboards, doors and bookcases.

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Image courtesy of Art3d Textures

4. Black Hole Vertigo Rug by AlphaVariable


Who says art has to be hung on the wall? The Black Hole Vertigo Rug by AlphaVariable is a piece of art that customers can add to their front hallway, kitchen or bathroom. Creating the sensation of standing on a swirling black hole, the vertigo rug will make customers feel as if they are being pulled into another dimension. It’s like having the Twilight Zone in your home, but less terrifying and more comfortable for your feet.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Society6

5. Natswood Art Cube Art


Add a splash of color and texture with the modern cube installation from Natswood Art. The brightly painted wooden boxes float out from a clear acrylic sheet. Easy to mount on just about any wall, the 3D installation can be hung over a bed, in a hallway and even in an office for a fun pop of color that will inspire creativity.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Natswood Art


6. HomeArtStickers Broken Wall Decal


How do you make your kid’s room their favorite place in the house? With the coolest artwork, like, ever. HomeArtStickers has a massive library of ‘broken wall’ decals with a 3D effect that makes it appear as though the image has broken through the wall it is been placed on, creating a view into an exciting new world. There are ceiling decals that bring in the night sky and make it appear as though customers are laying underneath the Eiffel tower. Dinosaurs, like in the picture shown here, can be roaming outside your child’s room, as well as star-filled galaxies, mountain ranges, and beautiful sunset beaches. The company even sells a realistic-looking 3D decal that makes it appear as though the floor is lava. Ouch!

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of HomeArtStickers

7. Papier-Mache Wall Art Geo Panels from West Elm


This isn’t your kids’ paper mache art project. The off-white Geo Panels from West Elm are a textured and modern set of art pieces that fit with a minimalistic style while still bringing warmth to a space. We especially like that the panels can be bought one at a time and look great on their own, giving customers the ability to stretch out the cost of the set. This also means that the three panels can be placed in different rooms to create a dEcor that flows throughout a home.

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Image courtesy of West Elm

8. Wall26 3D Quiet Lane in The Forest


If you have a room without any windows, you no longer have to feel like you’re trapped inside a dark space. Wall26 offers a huge selection of 3D window style paintings that make viewers feel as if they are looking outside into a serene setting. Customers can bring a little bit of the outdoors in with these visually stunning paintings, which include mountain ranges, sandy beaches, bustling downtown cores and peaceful forests. Available in four sizes, the affordable 3D paintings can even be changed out every season to reflect the weather outside. Well, a much nicer version of the weather outside.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Micropolitan 3D City Wall Art


For artwork that gives customers pride in their hometown or brings their favorite city to life, we love the creations from Micropolitan. Available in designs featuring several major cities, including London, Denver, Philadelphia and New York, the 3D art creates a visually stunning map of the downtown core. It’s like Legos for adults. Customers can choose custom framing and background colors that will match their dEcor, creating a piece of art that customers will love to study in order to find their favorite spots.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Micropolitan

10. PrintDecorShop Wall Mural


For a piece of statement art that covers the entirety of a wall, we recommend going with a mural. Create a portal into another dimension with a stunning 3D wall mural from PrintDecorShop. The company has a massive library of 3D looking wall murals that are easy to install and create a whimsical and awe-inspiring feature for any room. Wake up next to a babbling brook, turn your dining room into the dining hall of a historic castle, or be transported to London’s Natural History Museum, as shown here.

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Image courtesy of PrintDecorShop

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