We Found the Best, Softest and Most Absorbent Bath Towels You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

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When it comes to everyday use, towels are some of the most important items in your home. And when choosing the best towels, there are a lot of factors to consider. Are you more concerned with softness or durability? Do you want oversized towels or towels that won’t take up a lot of room while drying on the back of your door? Do you need to match the towel’s color to your decor or would you prefer an all-white collection of hotel-style towels? Then, there are the questions that are more difficult to answer before buying towels, like which item will feel best on your skin, absorb water the fastest, and last you the longest? Regardless of your answers, most of us are fed up with low quality towels.

If the best, most absorbent towels are at the top of your must-have list, we’re here to help. Finding the best towels that are also highly absorbent usually means a product on the thicker side. While thicker bath towels will absorb water fast, this also means they will usually take longer to dry. Having a large enough towel rack or enough time in between trips to the shower to allow your towel to fully dry is important. After all, a wet towel is never going to be as absorbent. Likewise, because the most absorbent bath towels naturally absorb more soap and body oils, they should be cleaned more often than regular bath towels.

When searching for the best absorbent bath towels, it’s important to understand the types of products available. For instance, did you know that towels come in one- and two-ply? That’s right, toilet paper doesn’t get to have all the fun. Two-ply bath towels are more absorbent and often made from 100 percent premium cotton, but these resort-style towels can be on the pricier side. Rayon towels, often advertised as bamboo, are also absorbent and have a lower price point, but they may not last as long. Finally, you have towels with reported natural antimicrobial or antibacterial properties.

So what are we looking for in the best absorbent bath towels? We’re looking for bath towels that get you dry quickly, are reasonably priced, can survive multiple trips through the washing machine, and dry in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, they should be soft. Like, really soft.

So what are the best, most absorbent towels? We’ve got 10 great options for you to consider, all of which are available on Amazon.


1. Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

The Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels are the most affordable towels on our list thanks to their blend of rayon bamboo and cotton. The addition of rayon makes the towels slightly less absorbent than their 100% cotton competitors, but they make up for this with quick-drying ability and lightness. Ariv towels are mildew resistant, which is good news if you have a bathroom that isn’t well ventilated and feels damp for an extended period of time after the shower has been in use. These are not the softest or most luxurious absorbent bath towels, but the affordable price makes these an overall top pick. Amazon customers can buy four 30″ x 52″ bath towels for $24.99.

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2. JML Microfiber Bath Towel

If you’re looking for highly absorbent towels to match your bathroom decor, there’s sure to be a set of these JML Microfiber Bath Towels to do the job. Customers on Amazon can choose from over 20 colors. Each towel is made from 100% microfiber fabric, giving it a lightweight feel and ensuring it’s always highly absorbent. In addition, these towels are highly versatile and can be used in bathrooms, at the pool, in the gym or even for yoga.

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3. Everplush Diamond Jacquard Bath Towels

These affordable towels have everything you’re looking for in a resort-style towel. They’re quick-drying, super absorbent, long-lasting, and designed with an ultra-plush fabric. These towels will absorb 8x their weight in water thanks to a microfiber construction. Everplush Diamond Jacquard Bath Towels are made with a cotton blend (40% cotton, 12% polyamide, 48% polyester). We like this 6-piece set, which contains two oversized bath towels perfect for wrapping around your wet body after a hot shower. First-time use can result in some leftover lint on your wet skin, so customers may want to wash these towels before use.

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4. Chakir Turkish Linens Bath Towel Set

With a mix of natural bamboo fiber and superior Turkish cotton, this Chakir Turkish Linens Ultra Bamboo Bath Towel Set is both impressively soft and absorbent. The bamboo fibers are mildew-resistant, anti-bacterial and odor-resistant. The set is available in a range of colorful options, including green, blue and red. You’ll also find the towels become softer with every wash. Plus, the set includes a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the quality. These are some of the best absorbent bath towels on Amazon, with hundreds of happy customers and 5-star reviews.

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5. Jinchan Bath Towel Absorbent Towels

These Jinchan Bath Towel Absorbent Shower Towels are made from 100% high-quality cotton and come in a choice of four different colors with a striped accent across the bottom. They provide a resort-quality drying experience with their impressive absorbance, while the softness of the towels ensures you’re comfortable throughout. These towels are ideal for use as everyday bathroom towels, for going to the pool or as your gym towels.

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6. Maura Premium Ultra Absorbent Bath Towels

The Maura Premium 100% Cotton Ultra Absorbent Quick Dry Soft White Terry Bath Towels have a little bit of everything. The towels are medium weight, which makes for faster a drying time. Made from a textured, two-ply cotton, the towels are extra-absorbent and durable, with a double stitched hem that allows them to stand up after many washes. Our team loves that the towels have been OEKO-TEX certified, which means that everything from the dye of the towel to the fabric has been tested and is free from over 300 harmful substances that are sometimes found in towels. True, these Maura bath towels don’t have the same luxurious softness as other towels, but we do love that they don’t leave any lint or fuzz on your body and are light enough to travel with you.

Maura Premium 100% Cotton Ultra Absorbent Quick Dry Soft White Terry Bath Towels Image courtesy of Amazon


7. DOLLCENT Jacquard Chevron Bath Towel Set

The DOLLCENT Jacquard Chevron Bath Towel Set provides plenty of towel to wrap around you. Each of the four over-sized towels in the set measures 56″ by 28″, meaning you’ll have plenty of room to get dry and keep you warm as you get out of the shower. The towels are made from 100% combed cotton and are environmentally friendly as their production takes place in an OEKO-TEX certified factory. The high-quality material is also machine washable and dryable and will become softer with every wash.

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8. Luxus Premium Towel Set

The Luxus Premium Towel Set includes eight pieces to give you a drying option for every situation and part of your body. The set is available in six different colors and comes with two hand towels, two bath towels and four wash towels. Each towel is highly absorbent and boasts a 450 GSM-density, meaning you’ll truly notice how quickly water is taken away from your skin. In addition, the 100% cotton construction gives the towels plenty of integrity and durability, so they’ll be around for years to come.

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9. SALBAKOS Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Towels

If you’re looking for the feeling of being wrapped in a cloud after you step out of the shower, we recommend the SALBAKOS Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Towels. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, the SALBAKOS rate highly on absorbency and softness, weighing a full pound more than their competitors. Measuring at 27″ x 54″, the SALBAKOS towels are on average two inches longer than competitors, giving you a towel that you can fully wrap yourself in for the ultimate in comfort and quick absorbency. Free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, the towels have been equipped with hems that are double stitched for added durability.

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10. White Classic Luxury Bath Towels

If you want that five-star hotel feel in your own home every day of the week, invest in these White Classic Luxury Bath Towels. They are spun from a luxurious 700 GSM long-staple circlet Egyptian cotton, which provides softness that’s hard to beat. The high-quality fiber is also incredibly absorbent. With each towel measuring 27″ by 5″, you’re sure to have enough cover for a comfortable rest after a relaxing shower or bath. The set includes four towels for under $50. While these bath towels are available in other colors, the classic white is our top choice. These absorbent towels have a durable design that will stand up to repeated trips through the laundry.

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