The Most Absorbent Bath Towels To Get (and Why It Matters)

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When it comes to investing in towels for your home, there are many factors to consider. Are you more concerned with softness or durability? Do you want oversized towels or towels that won’t take up a lot of room while drying on the back of your door? Is pattern important or do you like going hotel-style with an all-white collection of towels? Then, there’s the questions that are more difficult to answer before buying towels, like which item will smell the least, absorb water the fastest, and last you the longest?

If buying a towel that is highly absorbent is at the top of your must-have list, we’re here to help. Finding a towel that is highly absorbent usually means it’s going to be on the thicker side. While it will absorb water fast, which means it will get you dry in a hurry and on with your day. However, this also means the towel will likely take longer to dry. Having a large enough towel rack or enough time in between trips to the bathroom to allow your towel to fully dry is important, because a wet towel was never going to be as absorbent.

Did you know that towels come in one and two ply? That’s right, toilet paper doesn’t get to have all the fun. Two ply towels are more absorbent than blends and often made from 100 percent cotton, but they can be on the pricier side. Rayon towels, often advertised as bamboo, are also absorbent and have a lower price point, but may not last as long and have mixed results on whether they posses any natural antimicrobial or antibacterial properties.

As noted by Consumer Report, absorbent towels pick up more soap and body oil, which means it’s important to wash them often. Having a towel that is durable enough to withstand multiple trips through the washing machine is important if you want your investment to last.

So which absorbent towels are worth your money? We’ve got four great options for you to consider.


1. Maura Premium 100% Cotton Ultra Absorbent Quick Dry Soft White Terry Bath Towels

The Maura Premium 100% Cotton Ultra Absorbent Quick Dry Soft White Terry Bath Towels have a little bit of everything. The towels are medium weight, which makes for faster a drying time. Made from a textured, two-ply cotton, the towels are extra-absorbent and durable, with a double stitched hem that allows them to stand up after many washes. Our team loves that the towels have been OEKO-TEX certified, which means that everything from the dye of the towel to the fabric has been tested and is free from over 300 harmful substances that are sometimes found in towels. Well the Maura don’t have the same luxurious softness as other towels, we do love that they don’t leave any lint or fuzz on your body and they’re light enough to travel with you.


Maura Premium 100% Cotton Ultra Absorbent Quick Dry Soft White Terry Bath Towels

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2. SALBAKOS Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Towels

If you’re looking for the feeling of being wrapped in a cloud after you step out of the shower, we recommend the SALBAKOS Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Towels. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, the SALBAKOS rate highly on absorbency and softness, weighing a full pound more than their competitors. Measuring at 27 x 54″, the SALBAKOS towels are on average 1 inch longer than competitors as well, giving you a towel that you can fully wrap yourself in for the ultimate in comfort and quick absorbency. Free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, the towels have been equipped with hems that are double stitched for added durability.



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3. Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

The Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels are the most affordable towels on our list thanks to their blend of rayon bamboo and cotton. The addition of rayon makes the towels slightly less absorbent than their 100% cotton competitors, but they make up for this with quick drying ability and lightness. Ariv towels are mildew resistant, good news if you have bathroom that isn’t well ventilated and feels damp for an extended period of time after the shower has been in use.

Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

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4. Utopia Towels 100% Cotton White Bath Towels

The Utopia Towels 100% Cotton White Bath Towels Are great middle ground towel. They’re not as thick and as soft as a 100% Turkish cotton towel, but they are more absorbent and softer than a rayon cotton blend. The Utopia towels need to be washed separately from other items in order to keep their shape and quality, but they are quick drying and light, which works for anyone that needs a towel to use while traveling or at the gym.


Utopia Towels 100% Cotton White Bath Towels

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