The Best Adirondack Chairs (Or “Muskoka Chairs” As Canadians Call Them)

The Best Adirondack Chairs or Muskoka
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If you’re in the United States, you call them Adirondack Chairs. If you’re in Canada, they’re Muskoka Chairs. But no matter where you are, these outdoor seating staples are a must-have for any exterior entertaining space. Their classic style screams summer, inspiring memories of campfires and barbecues, two things that like the Adirondack Chair, never go out of style.

The Adirondack Chair was first designed in 1903 by Thomas Lee, who had the idea for the chair while vacationing in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. Initially called the Westport plank chair after the area in New York where the Adirondack mountains are located, the chair is typically made from 11 planks of wood or wood composite and feature a sloping and concave back and large arms that are parallel to the ground.

When it comes to choosing furniture for your outdoor space, finding pieces that are timeless, durable, comfortable, and stylish can feel like an impossible feat. Outdoor furniture must be able to withstand harsh climates, including blistering heat, strong winds, pounding rain, and in some cases, even snow and hail. Not only must outdoor furniture stand up to the elements, it also has to be able to handle the regular demands of furniture, including everyday wear and tear from humans and pets. The three Adirondack Chairs we’ve chosen to highlight below are built tough to take on whatever Mother Nature throws at them, making them ideal options for backyards, porches, cottages, cabins, garages and more.

Though the style of the Adirondack Chair is largely consistent, we’ve included three chairs that offer variations of the famous design. This includes traditional wood-like finishes, brightly painted Adirondack Chairs, and a natural white cedar that will fit in perfectly with a treelined backdrop.

With a classic style, sturdy and comfortable design, and the many options for fun updates on the timeless outdoor staple, the Adirondack Chair is the perfect piece of furniture to complete any exterior space.


1. Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair

The Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair uses weather-resistant simulated wood with added UV-protection to ensure a crack-free finish.

Pros: The Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair is weather resistant and stain resistant, making for an outdoor chair that is easy to clean. The stainless steel screws provide a long-lasting and secure hold. You can feel good about your purchase, with the Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair made from 100 percent recycled polystyrene. Customers note that the medium weight chair (it weights 37 pounds) is sturdy and can handle heavy use. The Lifetime comes in five natural looking colors.

Cons: Customers found the chairs difficult and time-consuming to assemble.

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2. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair

Using insect and weather resistant white cedar, the Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair is built to look great outside and last for many seasons.

Pros: Using renewable recourses and byproducts from logging, the Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair is both insect and water resistant, making it durable and perfect for outdoor use. The Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair puts its own spin on the classic Adirondack look, with curved slats providing a more comfortable feel and natural look.

Cons: The chair is unfinished, and its recommended that customers stain the chair themselves for added protection.

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair

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3. Leigh Country Classic Wood Adirondack Chair

Brighten up any outdoor space with the Leigh Country Classic Wood Adirondack Chair, which comes in turquoise, yellow and red.

Pros: Available in three bright and fun colors, the Leigh Country Classic Wood Adirondack Chair is finished with weatherproof paint and rustproof hardware for a chair that will last for years. The chair measures 34 ½ inches x 35 inches x 29 ¾ inches when assembled and lightweight, making it easy to move. Customers say that the assembly instructions are straightforward.

Cons: Many customers found the paint on the chairs cracked and peeled when left outside for extended periods.

Leigh Country Classic Wood Adirondack Chair

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