The 10 Best Desk Shelves for Small Spaces & Dorm Rooms

best desk shelves
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It is said that a clutter-free house can promote a clutter-free mind. In a tiny work space, dorm room, or studio apartment, it is even more important to keep organized to avoid all your stuff from taking over. 

To be functional space, your desk and office need to hold a lot of things, including your computer, notebooks, writing utensils, files and more. If you’re working with limited space, you might be wondering how to fit it all in. 

That’s why desk shelves are a wonderful addition to your office/study spaces. These shelves sit on top of your desk and come complete with extra spaces and drawers for storing all your stuff. Depending on your needs, these shelves can have a large footprint or a tiny one. Some designs are also capable of holding computer monitors and printers.

Below are some great adjustable desk shelves that can help you stay organized while making the most of the limited space you have.

1. Mesh Desk Organizer


With upright compartments, letter trays and a three compartment drawer, the SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer has everything you could need to get your desk in order. The whole shelf is made from an attractive metal mesh, which is available in either white or black. Plus, each different part of the organizer is made for dealing with all of your office essentials. There’s space for letters and documents in the top, pads and loose paper in the middle and sticky notes, pins, calculators and other stationery items in the drawers.

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2. PAG Desktop Bookshelf


The PAG Desktop Bookshelf is a quick and easy addition to any workspace. It features four different storage shelves and comes in either a white or black Melamine finish. The flat-packed bookshelf is easily constructed and wear-resistant, durable, formaldehyde-free and recyclable. In addition to desks, this handy space-expanding device can also be placed on larger bookshelves, tables and countertops.

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3. Jerry & Maggie Desktop Organizer


The Jerry & Maggie Desktop Organizer is made of natural wood, has a flat surface and sturdy construction. Store, organize and clean up your desktop and workstation with this lightweight, non-toxic storage shelf. Perfect for organizing office supplies, documents, book and plants, this stylish yet functional shelf will make sitting at your desk something to look forward to again.

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4. Expandable Desktop Bookshelf


Another organizational option is this expandable desktop bookshelf by MyGift that is ideal for storing your favorite books and magazines. This tabletop bookshelf is great for sitting on your desk or anywhere extra storage is needed due to its adjustable width. Contemporary in style, this piece will fit perfectly in whatever room or space you choose to put it.

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5. Adjustable Wood Desktop Organizer


For those who prefer a slightly more modern home decor style, this adjustable, rustic desktop storage shelf by MyGift is a great way to keep organized. Made of natural wood, it features two separate pieces that could be pushed close together to create a small shelf rack or pulled further apart to create a longer shelf. Suitable for any office or kitchen area, this organizer also makes a great place to store any excess grooming products that you might need close at hand.

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6. Wood Printer Stand With Storage


Got a printer but hate the desk space it wastes? Try adding this FITUEYES Wood Printer Stand With Storage to your desktop setup to give your printer a place to live and add additional storage shelves at the same time. The stand is available with either a large open shelf at the bottom or a functioning drawer. On top of the lower level are two handy spaces, which are ideal for storing office essentials and important notes. The stand also sports soft feet on the underside to prevent any scratches and scuffs.

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7.  DIY Storage Cubes


The Jaketen modular storage cubes are made to be incredibly versatile, are easy to install and can be assembled in an array of different ways to suit various spaces. This set includes 9 pieces that can hold shoes, clothes, children’s toys, books or crafts. The cubes can be attached together into a variety of shapes, so you can find what works best for your desk.

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8. IDK Bamboo Wood Desk Organizer


This sustainable bamboo wood desk organizer is not only a great storage piece, but it’s also pleasant to the eye. The organizer is perfect for any office space that needs some clearing, and it comes fully assembled and ready to fill. With space for storing books or magazines, keys, bills and any small essentials you have, this organizer keeps everything contained and right where you need it.

Desk Organizer IDK Luxury Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Tribesigns Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf


The Tribesigns Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf is a substantial and versatile addition to your desk space. The smart design features a mid section which can be bent to 90 degrees to let it be used as a corner unit when required. The unit also features several shelves for displaying and storing your books and notes as well as two drawers for storing other office essentials. The bookshelf is constructed from natural bamboo, making it both eco-friendly and renewable.

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10. Two-Tier Monitor Stand


If you have a desktop computer, you know that a monitor can take up a lot of space. For a clutter-free desk, it’s essential to move that monitor up off the tabletop, giving you storage space underneath. To do so, you’ll need the help of a stand, like the Ufine Two-Tier Monitor Stand. This two-tier organizer has space for your monitor as well as three extra shelves off to the side.


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