Meet Your Money-Saving Goals With These Adult Piggy Banks

adult piggy banks
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If saving money was easy, everyone would do it. What makes it so hard is that spending money is just too easy. And, there really isn’t a short term reward for pocketing spare pennies instead. However, if you’re looking to save for a new home, your next vacation or just want to acquire the discipline of saving instead of spending, try one of these adult piggy banks.

It turns out that saving your pennies, quarters, dimes and nickels in a coin bank works just as well for adults as it does for kids. With a fun place to store your coins, you’ll be able to save money quickly and reach your goals faster than you might think. And while a desktop piggy bank is never going to pay for your new home, it could easily yield a few hundred dollars and show you the benefits of saving your money.

Below, you’ll find all kinds of fun and entertaining adult piggy banks to get you into the habit of saving. From options that challenge your hoop-shooting skills to others that give you a mesmerizing show every time a coin drops, check out these coin banks and find the right one for you.


1. Freebreath Mischief Panda Saving Box


Until you own this Freebreath Mischief Panda Saving Box, you’ll never really understand how entertaining it can be to watch a panda stealthily grab a coin from inside a box. From afar, this piggy bank looks like a simple cardboard box with a few printed details and a small, coin-sized plate on top. It’s only when you place a coin on the plate that a panda pops up from inside and nabs your coin in a sneaky way. There’s truly more to this box than meets the eye. This is an ideal choice for families and anyone who likes to laugh.

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2. Ideas In Life Basketball Piggy Bank


One way to make sure you want to save your coins rather than spending them is to make saving fun. That’s exactly what this Ideas In Life Basketball Piggy Bank does by challenging you to shoot a hoop every time you want to make a deposit. This piggy bank is ideal for kids and adults alike and also makes a fun gift idea for family and friends. It’s made from durable ABS plastic and features a built-in flipper for firing your quarters, nickels or pennies at the hoop.

adult piggy banks ideas in life Image courtesy of Amazon


3. VOSAREA Resin Pig Shaped Coin Bank


If you’re looking for a piggy bank that stays true to the name, you won’t find many better options than the VOSAREA Resin Pig Shaped Coin Bank. Sporting a remarkably true-to-life design, this fun pig-shaped coin bank will make you want to feed your coins into the mouth of this rotund and happy animal. The bank is made from a high-quality, non-toxic resin which helps create the pig’s life-like appearance. It’s also available in either large or small and makes a fun shelf addition in bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms.

adult piggy banks vosarea resin pig Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Velucio Glass Money Jar


If you’re looking for a piggy bank that you’re happy to have on display, consider the Velucio Glass Money Jar. With a one gallon capacity, there’s space for years of saving, meaning that by the time it’s full, you’ll have a significant boost to your next vacation fund or plenty for a special treat. The wide neck of the growler-style bottle accommodates large coins, and the bottle’s three pound weight ensures it’s not easily toppled.

adult piggy banks velucio glass money jar Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Harry Potter Piggy Bank


Ever wondered what Harry Potter would look like if he were a pig instead of a boy? With the Harry Potter Piggy Bank in your home, you’ll have that question answered and have a place to store your change, too. This Potter piggy is available in either large or small and is constructed from ceramic which has been hand painted to look like everyone’s favorite wizard. Wearing his Hogwarts uniform and with his broom and wand in hand, this fun pig is a great choice for any Potterheads you know.

adult piggy banks etsy harry potter Image courtesy of Etsy


6. Bo-Toys Vortex Gravity Defying Coin Bank


The Bo-Toys Vortex Gravity Defying Coin Bank is another great option if you want free entertainment every time you put a coin inside. This hourglass-shaped bank sports a small entry slide on the top rim which lets you line your coins up before unleashing them into the round-and-round journey they take all the way down. This spiraling is fun to watch time and time again and makes this coin back an ideal option for households who want to teach kids that saving can be amusing.

adult piggy banks botoys vortex Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Jumbo Digital Coin Counter Bank


The Jumbo Digital Coin Counter Bank is a great choice for people who love to save. Its large capacity means there’s plenty of room for all your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins. This two-in-one coin bank includes a coin counter in the lid along with an LCD screen which shows the amount, so you always know exactly how much you have inside. In addition, the large screw top lid makes it especially easy to empty your treasure trove.

adult piggy banks digital energy jumbo coin bank Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Podofo Safe Money Box


If you suspect you may be living with roommates with sticky fingers, it may not be such a good idea to have an easily-accessed money keep on show. By choosing the Podofo Safe Money Box to house your spare change, you’ll have a thick metal layer between your coins and the outside world, which is only accessible by the two keys supplied with the box. It’s also available in either red or black, and because of the large door opening, it can be used to house other items, like rings, notes and small valuables.

adult piggy banks walmart metal bank Image courtesy of Walmart


9. NiceThingsShop Adult Piggy Bank


The NiceThingsShop Adult Piggy Bank is an ideal choice for those whose motivation for saving is their next destination. This attractive piece is made from wood and features a clear plastic front so you can see how your saving is going. The rear wall of the bank sports a picture of the world to keep you focused on why you want to put your change inside. Then, when you’ve filled your bank to the top, unscrew the front and enjoy your savings.

adult piggy banks etsy world Image courtesy of Etsy


10. Baby Aspen Shark Piggy Bank Coin Bank


The origin of why a pig was chosen as the animal of choice remains up for debate. With this in mind, it seems perfectly acceptable to decide that pigs aren’t for you and find a different animal of your choosing. For example, this beautiful ceramic Baby Aspen Shark Piggy Bank Coin Bank. However, if sharks aren’t the animal for you either, it’s worth checking out the other animals available, which include an elephant, zebra and puppy.

adult piggy banks baby aspen shark Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Diamond Select Toys Han Solo in Carbonite Vinyl Bank


Sitting over 12 inches high, this Diamond Select Toys Han Solo in Carbonite Vinyl Bank makes a great home display for any Star Wars fans. It’s inspired by the famous frozen-in-carbonite scene from The Empire Strike Back and also provides a handy place to store change with the built-in coin slot, too. When you need to open the bank, you’ll find a diamond secret release, so to visitors, it looks like little more than a cool piece of decor in your home or office.

adult piggy banks diamond select solo Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Crazy Diamonds Slot Machine Coin Bank


The Crazy Diamonds Slot Machine Coin Bank will bring back all of those fun memories of retro slot machines. It includes lights, sounds and a fully working handle and spinning reels. The large-size slot can accommodate a whole range of coins, while the bank itself is made from a tough and durable plastic, meaning it can hold up to the rigors of daily use. Best of all, when it’s time to empty your coin bank, you can keep playing to win the jackpot and have the coins come out that way. Or, if you’re a little tight for time, you can remove the back panel and take them straight out.

adult piggy banks crazy diamond slot Image courtesy of Wayfair


13. Empire State Building Saving Box


If you’re looking for a piggy bank which does the job of saving your pennies and is also capable of sitting center stage in your home, the Empire State Building Saving Box could be the choice for you. This beautiful hand-made and hand-painted piece is free from plastic and delivers a classy, rustic look to any home or office interior. It includes a rubber plug in the bottom for easy coin removal. This is an ideal gift choice for friends or family who love eye-catching pieces or for those who hold New York in a special place.

adult piggy banks wayfair empire Image courtesy of Wayfair


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