The Best Air Mattresses for Overnight Guests, Travel & Sleepovers

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If you’ve ever crashed at a friend’s place before, you’ll know that it can be a mixed experience. Are they going to put you up in the spare bedroom where you can sleep like a king, or will you be relegated to the couch, with nothing but a decorative pillow and your own jacket for warmth? Naturally, you’re never going to complain, because they are opening their home up to you. That’s why it’s important to invest in a quality air mattress for any guests you might have. Impress your guests, and they’ll tell you they had a good night’s sleep and actually mean it. An air mattress is one of the most comfortable ways to set up a temporary sleeping situation, and they’re portable and packable enough for even the smallest studios.

Size is the first factor to consider when buying an air mattress, but it’s far from the only one.  Air mattresses vary by material and inflation method, and these factors affect the convenience and portability of the air mattress you’re buying. Some air mattresses are inflated using a portable pump that you provide — these types of mattresses are often the best options for camping, especially if they have a reinforced bottom. There are also mattresses like the Aerobed, which has its own built-in motor and pump that you simply plug into the wall and turn on. These are very convenient for home use because you don’t have to crouch by the valve for several minutes; simply flick the switch, and let it do its thing.

Ready to dive into our list of the best air mattresses? Take a look below!


1. AeroBed Luxury Collection 12-Inch Twin Inflatable Bed


This option from Aerobed is available in twin, full or queen, so you can find the option that works best for the space you have. It’s super easy to inflate, too. Simply plug it in and turn on the built-in pump, then turn it off once it’s fully inflated. There’s even an attached wired remote, so you don’t need to crouch down at all. A carrying case and washable cover are included.

best air mattress - AeroBed Luxury Collection 12-Inch Twin Inflatable Bed Image Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

2. Sable Air Mattresses Queen Size Inflatable Air Bed


Sable’s mattress has several features that make it a luxurious and comfortable option. The top of the mattress inflates higher than the rest of it, meaning it’ll be comfortable even without a pillow. The double-layered mattress is comfortable enough to support two people, and the built-in pump makes it easy to inflate and deflate.

best air mattress - Sable Air Mattresses Queen Size Inflatable Air Bed Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. Coleman Quick Bed Single High Airbed Mattress


If you need an airbed for camping, legendary outdoors brand Coleman is one of the best places to look. This mattress is an affordable option as well, although it does require that you supply your own pump. The double-lock valve is designed to be easy to close, while also helping to prevent air leakage. Built-in coils, combined with a velvet-like surface help to keep you from sliding off in the middle of the night. It’s available in twin, queen or full.

best air mattress - Coleman Quick Bed Single High Airbed Mattress Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump


If you’re looking for something luxurious, this option from Insta-Bed is up to 18 inches tall when inflated, so you won’t even realize you’re sleeping on the ground. It has an AC plug and a dual pump system that quickly inflates the bed and automatically shuts off once the desired setting is reached. You can toggle between plush, medium and firm, and the second pump reinflates the bed throughout the night to mitigate air loss. You might just give up your real mattress.

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. AirExpect Camping Sleeping Pad


If you need something lightweight for camping, this option from AirExpect takes up very little space when deflated while quickly inflating. It’s more of a sleeping pad with air than a true air mattress, but it works well for hikers and anyone who’s camping away from the campground. Instead of inflating with a pump or your mouth, you simply press on the built-in manual pump to quickly inflate the cells. It’s available in navy, orange or green.

AirExpect Camping Sleeping Pad (in green), air mattress Image Courtesy of Amazon

6. Coleman SupportRest Elite Airbed


Coleman is best known for camping gear, although this air mattress is best suited for home use. It has a built-in air pump that plugs into the wall, so it’s easy to inflate or top off. It has multiple layers to keep you more comfortable and higher off the ground. The edge of the mattress is raised to keep you from sliding off, and the plush top is comfortable with or without a cover.

best air mattress - Coleman SupportRest Elite Airbed Image Courtesy of Amazon

7. Aerobed Premier 2-Layer Queen Air Mattress


This mattress from Aerobed is double-layered, making for a more comfortable night’s rest compared with the standard single-layered Aerobed. It has a built-in pump that you simply plug into the wall, and you can turn it on and off using the wired remote. When inflated, it rises approximately 16 inches off the ground. When the deflate mode is on, the mattress mostly deflates in about one minute.

Aerobed Premier 2-Layer Queen Air Mattress Image Courtesy of Macys

8. Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set


The Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set comes with two pillows and a double-quick hand pump to help you inflate it fast. The flocking across the top makes it extra comfortable. And, it’s queen-sized, giving you plenty of room.

Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set Image Courtesy of Amazon


9. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed


You’ll sleep the sleep dreams are made of on this Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed. It features a built-in electric pump that makes getting ready for bed fast and easy. And its Fiber-Tech Construction is ultra-durable to last for years.

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed, best air mattresses Image Courtesy of Amazon


10. SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen Air Mattress


Too big for a twin? Try the SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen Air Mattress. It has all the great features of the twin mattress, but with more room. Even with its added size, it still inflates in under four minutes. And, it comes with a one-year guarantee.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen Air Mattress Image Courtesy of Amazon


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