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Add a Glow to your Bedroom With These Alarm Clock Night Lights

Most people use their smartphones as an alarm, so it might seem useless to buy an actual alarm clock. However, today’s bedside clocks have more to offer than just a snooze button. With an alarm clock night light, you can relax with a soft glow at night and wake up gently in the morning.

These alarm clocks include an LED display. Many allow users to customize the color and brightness of the light. And if you’re looking for a high tech wakeup call, the light can brighten gradually until the alarm goes off. All of these options give you full control over your nighttime and morning experiences. You just need to find a product that includes the features you’re looking for.

Whether you’re searching for a night light alarm for your child or want to simulate the sunrise in your own bedroom, here are some of the best alarm clock night lights available.

1. Mesqool Alarm Clock

Mesqool’s alarm clock doubles as a night light for children, adults, and seniors. The simple controls, large snooze button, and prominent display allow for easy use. Dual USB ports allow users to conveniently charge their devices during the night.

Pros: The adjustable alarm can wake up heavy sleepers. The LED screen includes a slider dimmer to control the brightness.

Cons: The nightlight feature does not have a dimmer, so it may be too bright for some users.

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2. hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

If you’re looking to customize your wakeup experience, this is a great product for you. This item features eight color options that brighten for 30 minutes before the alarm sounds. You can select from several nature sound options as the alarm feature.

Pros: The product includes an FM radio, You can adjust the brightness with three settings.

Cons: The light and alarm only stay on for five minutes past your wakeup time.

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3. Yapeach Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

With fun multi-colored lights, this alarm clock will stand out on your child’s bedside or in a teenager’s room. The product include five light modes, four brightness options, and bluetooth capabilities. You can select from various nature sounds for the alarm.

Pros: This alarm can run on batteries or plug into the wall to charge, making it portable. Users can change the display color by touching the clock.

Cons: The light turns on automatically when it senses motion.

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4. REACHER LED Digital Alarm Clock

Users can easily adjust the brightness and alarm volume on this clock, for a comfortable night’s sleep and smooth wakeup. The product is outlet-powered and includes easy snooze. Simply touch anywhere on the top to snag a few more minutes of sleep.

Pros: You can dim the numbers all the way for more darkness at night. It’s compact to fit easily on a nightstand.

Cons: This product doesn’t run on batteries.

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5. HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

This alarm clock includes 20 brightness settings and seven LED colors.  Users can also choose from nature sounds and classic bell noises for the alarm at twenty volume levels.

Pros: The clock includes an FM radio and voice control capabilities. It connects to an app for easy control.

Cons: You must have 2.4G WiFi to connect to the app.

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