12 Best Alarm Clocks to Make the Most of Your Morning

Amazon brand JALL wood alarm clock,
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Reliability used to be the only important function of an alarm clock. It’s still high on the list of must-haves, but now there are many more features that your trusty alarm clock can perform. New alarm clocks still tell time and still make a loud buzz at the appropriate preset hour, but that’s only the beginning of their helpful additions. What are some of the first things you check when you wake up? How about the weather, the date, emails and text messages? There are alarm clocks that can now do all that and more.

While technology and social media-free periods of time in the morning can be beneficial to your mental health, other information which is key to helping plan the day ahead remains useful. In these cases, being able to leave your smartphone on the side and having an alarm clock that supplies you with the essential information and functions you need can be beneficial. When choosing the best alarm clock for you, consider how much you want the following features:

  • Radio
  • USB Port
  • Wireless Charger
  • Weather Forecast
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Projector

Nowadays, there’s a surprisingly large range of alarm clocks to choose from. These include small, affordable, analog devices which make a convenient travel partner, all the way up to smart devices which can help you sleep better, and keep you connected to loved ones. Sure, every smartphone has an alarm feature, but they’re also full of other distractions and rely on you to always have a fully charged phone.

If you’re like us and prefer having a more traditional style alarm clock in your bedroom or on your desk, find the best alarm clock for you from our comprehensive roundup below.

1. USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio


Organize your mornings more efficiently with the USCCE Digital Alarm Radio Clock in your life. The dual-alarm settings allow you to set your first alarm for waking up and follow it with another for secondary tasks, such as brushing your teeth or making breakfast. Furthermore, if you’re always in need of an extra few minute’s rest, the clock features a large circular snooze button on top of the clock to engage a nine-minute delay before the alarm sounds again.

best alarm clocks uscce digital alarm clock radio Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Amazon Basics Small Digital Alarm Clock


For under $13 you can organize your morning routine with the Amazon Basics Small Digital Alarm Clock. The large oval face features a green, light-up LED display which shows the time as well as an a.m. or p.m. time marking. It also features an integrated night light that can illuminate a dark room, meaning you don’t have to switch on the bigger lights and run the risk of waking partners. Plus, you can install batteries as backup power in case you experience a power cut during the night.

best alarm clocks amazon basics small digital Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Philips SmartSleep Sunrise Alarm Clock


We love this trend! Rather than waking you up with an annoying pop song or a stress-inducing alarm, sunrise alarm clocks gently nudge you awake using simulated sunlight. This naturally brings your body out of sleep, easing you into your day. Our top sunrise alarm clock of the moment comes from Philips, and it’s on sale via Amazon Prime.

philips smartsleep alarm clock Courtesy of Amazon

4. REACHER Small LED Digital Alarm Clock


The REACHER Small LED Digital Alarm Clock is a compact alarm clock that won’t take up much space on your bedside table. Unlike most alarm clocks which usually opt for black or other darker colors, this clock sports a striking white border. The LED digital display also boasts white numerals, which are easier to read against the black background. Additionally, you can control both the volume of the alarm and the brightness of the screen using the dials on the back.

best alarm clocks reacher small led digital Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock


If you’re searching for a classic-style analog alarm clock with physical bells and a numbered clock face, the Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock could be the answer you’re looking for. The clock is battery-powered rather than relying on electricity so you’re never interrupted by power outages and can take your alarm with you anywhere. The stereoscopic numbers give the clock a premium appearance while the slim hands provide greater reading accuracy. This is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers as the dual-bell mechanism and loud ringer can’t be ignored by even the deepest of dreamers.

best alarm clocks peakeep twin bell alarm Image courtesy of Amazon


6. JALL Digital Alarm Clock


The JALL Digital Alarm Clock has a unique appearance that combines both traditional and modern aesthetics. Users can customize their display to show a combination of time, date and temperature. You can also choose from three brightness levels and apply weekday groupings to specify which alarms should go off when. The JALL alarm clock also functions as an attractive décor piece for bedrooms, living rooms and offices. This wood-style clock is available in black, brown and white.

jall digital alarm clock Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock


The Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock allows you to project the time onto your ceiling or wall. You can tilt the integrated projector to the angle best suited to your sleeping position. Plus, by rotating it on its axis 180 degrees, you can alter the direction of the text to ensure it’s the right way up for your viewing. Although the projector attachment is on the small side, it’s able to project onto surfaces up to 11 feet away. Furthermore, you can select from four brightness levels for the LED digital display, ideal for when your eyes are particularly sensitive to bright light.

mesqool projector alarm clock Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Tinload Silent Analog Alarm Clock


For a clean, classic, traditional-style alarm clock, we recommend the Tinload Silent Analog Alarm Clock. This clock comes in at 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches with a screen that softly glows at night with the touch of a button. Using simple analog operation keeps this clock easy to use no matter whose nightstand it’s on. With two knobs in the back, one to set the time and one to set the alarm, and an easy switch to turn it on and off, this lightweight battery-powered clock is especially great for travelers.

Tinload analog alarm clock in black and white, best alarm clocks Courtesy of Amazon


9. ANJANK Wooden Digital Alarm Clock


With its faux-wood finish and bright-yellow, digital display, the ANJANK Wooden Digital Alarm Clock is a sophisticated and functional addition to any bedside setup. The clock features a flat top surface and a row of control buttons along the front. Behind this area, you’ll find the clock’s wireless charging dock. What’s more, this device has an integrated FM radio which plays through the upgraded speaker, delivering an optimal listening experience.

anjank wooden digital alarm clock Image courtesy of Amazon


10. SMARTO Projection Alarm Clock


Get daily weather updates straight as soon as you wake with the SMARTO Projection Alarm Clock by your bedside. As well as having a built-in projector to display the clock face onto the wall or ceiling, this alarm clock also tells you the weather forecast in your local area for the next 12 hours. For more detailed readings, including temperature and humidity, you can connect up to three wireless sensors which transmit nearby data from up to 200 feet away.

smartro sc91 projection alarm clock Image courtesy of Amazon


11. JALL Sunrise Alarm Clock


Wake up with your own custom sunrise and begin your slumber with a tailored sunset using the JALL Sunrise Alarm Clock. Users can program regular wake-up and bedtimes that are matched with a sunrise and sunset simulation and choose from seven nature sounds to provide a more natural, gentle wake-up call. There are seven colors to choose from and 20 brightness levels for a fully customized simulation. The device offers several snooze options for when getting up straight away isn’t quite as important. Additionally, this alarm clock has a USB port for charging devices while you sleep.

best alarm clocks jall sunrise Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Loftie Alarm Clock


We had to include the Loftie, the bougie alarm clock with a cult following. Unfortunately, after testing out the Loftie ourselves, we weren’t very impressed. That being said, this $150 alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker does come with all kinds of special features designed to help you sleep better, and you may decide it’s worth the investment after all.

loftie alarm clock Courtesy of Amazon

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