Wake up on the Right Side of the Bed Every Morning With a Multi-Use Alarm Clock

Best Alarm Clocks
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Reliability used to be the only important function of an alarm clock. It’s still high on the list of must-haves, but now there are many more features to the small box that sits on nightstands and makes sure you don’t miss work or school. New alarm clocks still tell time and still make a loud buzz at the appropriate preset hour, but that’s only the beginning of their helpful additions. What are some of the first things you check when you wake up? How about the weather, the date, emails and text messages? There are alarm clocks that can now do all that and more.

The world of alarm clocks is extensive and includes everything from small, affordable devices that make a convenient travel partner all the way up to smart devices that can help you sleep better and keep you connected to loved ones. Sure, every smartphone has an alarm feature, but if you’re like us and prefer having a more traditional style alarm clock in your bedroom or on your desk, these devices make it enjoyable to wake up before your second snooze alarm.

Check out our list of the best alarm clocks the go above and beyond telling time.

1. Amazon Echo Spot

For an alarm clock that is so much more, we recommend the Amazon Echo Spot. Using WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, the Echo Spot can connect to Alexa and enable users to get the weather, news briefing, play music, check online calendars, listen to audiobooks, get messages and even voice or video call contacts. The Echoes Spot can be personalized with a variety of clock faces. Users can also turn off the device’s microphone and camera with the touch of a button for added security when not in use.

Pros: The Echo Spot can connect to other smart devices in the home, making it possible to adjust the thermostat, dim lights and view entrances.

Cons: The Echo Spot has a big price tag.

Amazon Echo Spot Courtesy of Amazon

2. HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

Wake up with your own custom sunrise and begin your slumber with a tailored sunset using the HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock. Users can program regular wake up and bedtimes that are matched with a sunrise and sunset simulation and choose from seven nature sounds to provide a more natural wake up call. There are seven colors to choose from and 20 brightness levels for a fully customized simulation. Various snooze options are also available for times when users need a bit more rest. Three white noise sounds can be used to block unwanted noise. The HeimVision has a USB port for charging small devices and a backup internal battery that ensures the clock function keeps working during a power outage.

Pros: The HeimVision can be paired with Alexa for voice control.

Cons: Users must have 2.4GHz WiFi in order to use the HeimVision app and connect to Alexa.

HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock Courtesy of Amazon

3. Jall Digital Alarm Clock

For smart twist on traditional alarm clocks, we recommend the Jall Digital Alarm Clock. Users can customize their display to show a combination of time, date and temperature. Three brightness levels are available and users can also activate the weekday mode to specify that their alarms only go off Monday to Friday. The Jall also works as an attractive décor piece for bedrooms, living rooms and offices. The wood-style clock is available in black, brown and white.

Pros: Customers can set three alarms simultaneously, making it ideal for users who share their bedroom or office with another person.

Cons: The Jall is USB powered and the company does not recommend the clock be powered by batteries, as they will be drained quickly.

Jall Digital Alarm Clock Courtesy of Amazon

4. PICTEK Projection Digital Alarm Clock

For a traditional style alarm clock with a fun twist, we recommend the PICTEK Projection Digital Alarm Clock. The clock contains a 180-degree swivel projector that can project the time on a wall or ceiling. The large 7.1 inch by 3.1 inch LED screen has six brightness levels and clearly displays the time. Users can set dual alarms, each with snooze functions, and there are four optional alarms to choose from with three sound levels.  Powered by an AC outlet, we also like that the Pictek has a USB port that enables users to charge small devices.

Pros: The Pictek allows users to preset 15 FM radio stations and use a sleep timer function, which will turn the radio off after a specified time up to 90 minutes.

Cons: Programming the Pictek can be confusing.

PICTEK Projection Digital Alarm Clock Courtesy of Amazon