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Add Some Torque To Any Project With A Comprehensive Set of Allen Wrenches

When it comes to home improvement and DIY projects, an Allen wrench is one of the most commonly used tools. Also known as a Hex key, the Allen wrench is primarily used to tighten hex wrenches. They can be powered by hand or used for drill bits and impact drivers. An Allen wrench fits inside a hexagonal recess and is often found in situations where there is not much clearance space. The design of the wrench makes it easy for users to apply the pressure necessary to tighten and loosen the wrenches thanks to the curved design of the Allen wrench, which allows for ample leverage in a small space, performing much better than a Phillips screwdriver.

What To Look For When Buying An Allen Wrench

Know the size you need. We don’t mean the exact size of the wrench, although that is helpful. Allen wrenches are measured using the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) inch system, also known as imperial, or the metric system. The two types of wrenches are not interchangeable.

Where are you using the wrench? Standard and folding Allen wrenches can fit into tight spaces, while T-handed models allow for a greater amount of torque but require more clearance space.

How often will you be using your set of Allen wrenches? If the answer is ‘infrequently,’ an affordable set made from carbon steel and featuring a non-chamfered finish (the hexagonal end is flat) should suit your needs. For more avid DIY-ers, a chrome-finished set will reduce the chance of rust. A chamfered-edge wrench is easier to locate.

How We Picked the Best Allen Wrench Sets

Durability and strength are important when it comes to tools, so we choose sets that came from trusted brands that are known for their high-quality products. We also included sets of various sizes, strengths, and options that were designed for automotive use specifically.

If you’re ready to tighten, loosen and get to work, check out our picks for the best Allen wrench set.

1. REXBETI Hex Key Allen Wrench Set

The REXBETI Hex Key Allen Wrench Set is built to last through several jobs and provides a wide variety of sizes. The high-end wrenches are made with heat-treated steel, which the company advertises as being harder and providing more torque than chrome vanadium steel. A great option for DIYers with several projects on the go, Rexbeti includes three sets of Allen wrenches, including one in SAE or imperial dimensions, one in metric dimensions, and one with a star end. The long arm hex key sets have a total of 35 wrenches with a T-handle design that can be used with the included plastic T-handle that comes with the set. The ball end of the wrenches can access socket screw caps up to a 25-degree entry angle.

Pros: Includes imperial and metric sizes, made with heat-treated steel, dimensions clearly labeled on each wrench.

Cons: There is only one plastic T-handle for the set.

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2. Amazon Basics Hex Key Allen Wrench Set with Ball End

Amazon Basics is quickly making a name for itself as a company that consistently produces durable and affordable products and that includes their Hex Key Allen Wrench set. The 26-wrench set includes 13 wrenches made with imperial measurements and 13 wrenches with metric measurements. Both sets are clearly marked in their plastic cases. Beveled ends make it easy for users to insert the wrench even when they have limited visibility and the long arm design of the wrenches provides the space needed to increase torque. Like the Rexbeti, the Amazon Basic wrench set is also designed with a ball-end that allows for a 25-degree angle entry.

Pros: Affordable, includes metric and imperial sizes, ball-end to allow users to reach around obstructions.

Cons: The set may arrive with an oil smell and film on the wrenches.

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3. TEKTON Hex Key Wrench Set

Sometimes affordability and quality intersect and that is definitely the case with the Tekton Hex Key Wrench Set. Store in a plastic hinged case with clear size markings for each wrench, the set is divided into 15 long arm imperial wrenches and 15 short arm metric wrenches. Each wrench is finished with a chamfered end that is sized to precisely slide into fasteners with minimal effort from the user. The set includes the most commonly found sizes needed to tighten and release socket cap screws. Each wrench is made with heat-treated steel and has a black oxide finish that reduces the chance of corrosion and chipping over time even with extensive use.

Pros: Easy to keep wrenches organized in a hinged case, finished with anti-corrosion black oxide, chamfered ends.

Cons: The wrenches don’t have size markings directly on the tool.

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4. Sunex Drive Master Impact Hex Driver Set

If you’ve got a drill, you need a set of high-quality hex wrenches that can help finish any job. Enter, the Sunex Drive Master Impact Hex Driver Set. The set includes 10 metric and 10 imperial hex drivers and features the most commonly used sizes for hand drills. Their one-piece construction eliminates weak points and creates a hex driver that can handle ample force. All hex drivers included in the set meet ANSI standards and are housed in a blow-molded, heavy-duty impact-resistant storage case. We also like that each driver has its corresponding size laser etched directly onto it.

Pros: Set is stored in an impact-resistant case, sizes are laser etched onto each hex wrench, solid one-piece design.

Cons: The comprehensive set comes with a big price tag and may be overkill for some customers.

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5. EPAuto Allen Key Set Hex Key Wrench Set

When it comes to enjoying your time on the road, having the right tools to make your car, truck, motorcycle and bicycle safe is a top priority. That’s why we like the EPAuto Allen Key Set Hex Key Wrench Set, which is designed with Allen wrenches that are commonly found in automotive maintenance. The set includes 15 long arm imperial wrenches and 15 short arm metric wrenches, with each wrench clearly labeled in the plastic storage case EPAuto includes with each sale. The wrenches are made from durable heat-treated chrome vanadium steel alloy and feature a black oxide finish that makes them corrosion-resistant.

Pros: Designed for automotive purposes, stored in a hinged plastic case with clear size markings, finished with a corrosion-resistant black oxide.

Cons: The case may not hold each wrench firmly in place.

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6. EKLIND Cushion Grip Hex T-Key Allen Wrench

The Eklind Cushion Grip Hex T-Key Allen Wrench set knows that some jobs require more power than others. Their T-handle design gives users the grip needed to increase their torque pressure and ensures hex keys are tightly secured. Each of the eight keys included in the set is made with heat-treated alloy steel that has been tempered for optimal strength and finished with a rust-resistant coating for added durability. The extended shaft length of the T-handle provides a longer reach and the slip-resistant vinyl grip makes it easy for users to add extra manpower. Made in the US, the set of eight Allen wrenches have their sizes clearly marked on the handles.

Pros: Long shaft for added clearance, slip-resistant T-handle, sizes are clearly marked on handles.

Cons: The Eklind wrenches don’t come in any type of carrying case.

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