Dory’s Decor: 8 Unique Aquarium Items for Entertaining Your Fish

spongebob squarepants pineapple fish house
Image courtesy of Petco

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* Fun and colorful finds to decorate your aquarium
* Options include places for your fish to hide, exercise and relieve stress
* Read below on how to take your underwater landscape up a notch

Aquarium décor is an easy, fun and affordable way to change up the look of your underwater landscape. They serve to enhance and keep your fish entertained while providing much-needed stress relief. Keep reading for our choice picks that will up the ante for any aquarium from a glass bowl to a 75-gallon saltwater marine exhibit.

1. Zen Stones Gravel Accents

We start the decorating with a pack of nine zen stones that will complement any tank, bowl or aquarium. These accent stones offer inspirational messages and relaxing thoughts to you and your fish. The stones are made of non-toxic, fish safe materials and colors and are safe for use in freshwater and marine aquariums.

Zen Stones Petco Image Courtesy Petco


2. Blue Stone Aquarium Ornament

This stone bridge ornament is a great addition to smaller aquariums. Made from non-toxic, fish safe colors and materials, your fish are guaranteed to love swimming under and around it. The bridge also provides shelter and hiding places fish need to help them reduce stress.

Blue Stone Petco Image Courtesy Petco

3. Betta Exercise Mirror

This small betta exercise mirror is suspended with a floating ball. When your fish sees their reflection, they will “exercise” their fins. This mirror helps promote natural territorial behaviors and provides enrichment for your fish. This mirror will help reduce boredom from captivity and allow you to watch them perform their own natural behaviors.

Beta Mirror Petco Image Courtesy Petco


4. Flowerball Aquarium Decor

This colorful flowerball aquarium décor will help brighten any aquarium with their colorful blossoms and will serve as a piece for your fish to swim through, hide in and sleep inside.

Aquarium Decor Petco Image Courtesy Petco


5. Fern Coral Aquarium Ornament

Coral has always been associated with beauty and color. Add this Fern Coral Ornament to any aquarium to experience the beauty this will add to any of your underwater landscapes. Made with fish-safe materials and realistic detailing, this piece has been designed without harming any ocean reef systems and will provide stress relief for your fish by offering a fun hiding place.

Fern Coral Ornament Petco Image Courtesy Petco


6. Purple Geode Aquarium Ornament

This purple Geode Aquarium Ornament adds that touch of elegance to any aquarium landscape. Made with fish-safe materials and beautifully realistic detailing, this ornament provides stress relief for your fish by offering another fun hiding place.

Purple Geode Petco Image Courtesy Petco


7. Spongebob Squarepants Pineapple House

This colorful SpongeBob Squarepants Pineapple House ornament is the perfect fun piece to add to your aquarium. Made of non-toxic, fish-safe materials and colors, the décor provides shelter and hiding places fish need to help reduce stress.

House Petco Image Courtesy Petco


7. Hideaway Pipes Aquarium Ornament

The Hideaway Pipes Ornament is a fun addition to your aquarium that fish are sure to love. Another option that will provide a safe place for your fish to hide and allow them to de-stress when they need to, the realistic looking moss on the pipes adds a natural element to your aquarium.

Pipes Petco Image Courtesy Petco


8.  White Bamboo Asian Gazebo

Our final décor option is this realistic white bamboo Asian Gazebo piece. The gazebo helps create a whimsical world for your fish to explore and swim in, out and around to give them much needed exercise and fun.

Gazebo Petco Image Courtesy Petco

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