Solve Your Empty Floor Space Dilemmas With One Of The Best Area Rugs

best area rugs
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Decoration, texture and comfort are just three of the many reasons why having one of the best area rugs in your home is a great idea. They improve the appearance of a room, add warmth to a space (and to your feet) and they are a cozy base to sit or stretch on in front of the TV, too. 

Other than choosing the one which catches your eye most, there are some area rug features which you should check before buying. Here they are:

  • Size – You might be rolling your eyes and thinking this one is obvious, but you’ll be grateful for it when you avoid buying a rug that doesn’t fit. Looking at a space and then buying a rug thinking it’s right without actually checking can lead to overlapping edges and uncovered areas. Always measure the space you want to cover and check it against the measurements of any potential area rug.
  • Pile – The pile of an area rug is the technical term for its thickness. These rugs usually range from 0.5 inches to two inches. From two inches and upward, you can expect a rug which is extremely soft to touch and comfy to lie on. 
  • Material – You’ll find most area rugs are made from polypropylene or a material mix. Polypropylene is a synthetic material that can have a firm or soft finish, depending on the manufacture. It’s also very durable and is usually cost-friendly, too. Furthermore, the underside of area rugs is often covered with latex or other grippy material to prevent slipping.

Selecting the best area rugs for your home should be as high on your priority list as choosing the right colors for the walls, the bulbs for the light fittings and the throw pillows for your couch. Area rugs have an instant impact on interior design as well as the warmth of the welcome when you come home.

Below we have rounded up the 12 best area rugs available to order online. There are a range of colors, shapes and designs to suit all homes as well as varying price points to suit all budgets.


1. Unique Loom Vintage Area Rug


The Unique Loom Vintage Area Rug has a versatile design suitable for all areas of your home. It’s available in multiple colors and features darker and lighter tones across its surface. The mixture of tones has a calming appearance and is also great for disguising any small stains which may occur. Furthermore, the reinforced edges are highly durable and well suited to busy homes with a lot of foot traffic.

best area rugs unique loom Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Buttercup Diamond Vintage Persian Woven Rug


Target is a great destination for rugs of all kinds, and we love the Persian-inspired pattern on this woven rug. The color combination is soft enough to blend with a wide variety of home decor styles. Better yet, this affordable rug is available in tons of different sizes, from compact kitchen runners to sprawling living room area rugs.

living room area rugs Courtesy of Target

3. Charlton Home Melvin Geometric Area Rug


You can be confident in your purchase when ordering the Charlton Home Melvin Geometric Area Rug, as it has been awarded a 4.8-star-rating by over 8,000 satisfied customers. This area rug has a pile height of two inches, making it extremely soft to touch and comfortable to sit or lay on. Plus, the beige and navy diagonal square pattern adds a splash of color to any space, whether you have modern or rustic interiors.

best area rugs charlton home Image courtesy of Wayfair


4. Alexander Rug III – Safavieh


Today, most modern area rugs are designed from synthetic fibers designed to last for many years. Unfortunately, they often lack the luxurious feel of traditional rugs, which is why we love this 100% wool fiber rug, also from Target. The Alexander Rug III features a stylish geometric pattern that’s perfect for modern and classical homes alike. Not only are these chic geometric rugs available in a few different color options, but at $156, it’s one of the more affordable area rugs on our list.

geometric area rugs Courtesy of Target

5. Zipcode Design Starr Hill Area Rug


If you’re looking for a soft, simple and sophisticated area run, then the Zipcode Design Starr Hill Area Rug is for you. One color fills the full surface of the rug for a block color finish, which is available in a range of shades. The two-inch pile height gives this area rug a premium finish and also makes it very soft. Additionally, the underside of the area rug is covered with cotton canvas and latex to keep it securely in place and exactly where you want it.

best area rugs zipcode design Image courtesy of Wayfair


6. Unique Loom Outdoor Area Rug


Take care of your exterior design as much as you do your interior with the Unique Loom Outdoor Area Rug. This rug is suitable for outdoor use, although the colors and pattern are similar to those you would expect to find in a living or dining room. The thin-yet-durable polypropylene material from which the rug is made is also easy to clean and stain-resistant. Plus, it’s easy to roll or fold for storage during winter or bad weather.

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best area rugs unique loom Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Astoria Grand Trinidad Oriental Area Rug


The Astoria Grand Trinidad Oriental Area Rug is decorated with an intricate ivory and gray design. It features a medallion in the center surrounded by an ornate border. The lighter areas are slightly raised from the base of the rug, giving it a maximum pile height of 0.25 inches. Furthermore, it’s made from an acrylic and polyester mix and is best cared for with the low setting on your vacuum.

astoria grand trinidad oriental rug Image courtesy of Wayfair


8. CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan Area Rug


The CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan Area Rug is a great anchor of style within any living space. Although the majority of the rug is beige, it also features flashes of color which create the Aztec-inspired print. We’re particularly fond of this area rug, as it is constructed from sustainably sourced material and uses a more eco-friendly production process than many of the other area rugs on the market.

cosmoliving jaune beige rug Image courtesy of Wayfair


9. Zipcode Design Stuart Area Rug


Add a splash of color to your home with the Zipcode Design Stuart Area Rug. The wave-like design helps to hide any unwanted marks among the various blue tones, making it a great addition to any high-traffic area of the home, such as the living room or playroom. The water-color inspiration behind this rug’s design is clear in its appearance while the polypropylene material from which it is made ensures a high-quality feel.

zipcode abstract stuart blue area rug Image courtesy of Wayfair


10. Well Woven Stroke Area Rug


The Well Woven Stroke Area Rug features a multicolored design with swirls flowing out from one corner. It’s made from synthetic polypropylene and is available in multiple sizes and shapes to accommodate any space or room within the home. Plus, with a pile height of 1.4 inches, this soft and colorful area rug enhances the vibrance of any complimentary decor. To top it off, it’s easy to clean, so a little spill here or there is no problem which is a bonus, especially in a family home with accident-prone children.

well woven colorful area rug Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Clinton Area Rug


The Clinton Area Rug is made from colored square and rectangle panels woven together like a game of Tetris. The aqua, taupe and ivory shapes create a stylish area rug which would look at home in any contemporary space. It also boasts a pile of 0.51 inches, meaning it’s firm yet comfortable under foot as well as being easy to vacuum clean.

clinton area rug boutique Image courtesy of Boutique Rugs


12. Tariffville Area Rug


The Tariffville Area Rug sports a monochrome print which is similar in appearance to the coat of a Dalmation. Black and charcoal splodges of multiple sizes are spread sporadically across the white background to make a polka-dot-like pattern. This area rug is made from a polypropylene and polyester mix with a shag carpet finish for a textured appearance and a soft touch.

tariffville area rug Image courtesy of Boutique Rugs


13. Manteca Area Rug


Bring the wild inside with the Manteca Area Rug. A beige and khaki zoomed-in zebra fills the full surface of the rug to create an alternative stripy pattern that is truly eye-catching. Furthermore, the area rug’s 0.30 pile height is comparatively thin, making it firm under foot. However, given its polypropylene construction, it’s still impressively durable and delivers lasting quality.

manteca area rug Image courtesy of Boutique Rugs


14. Bodrum Area Rug


The Bodrum Area Rug is an attractive area rug finished to a premium standard. Its woven pattern features a central medallion and has a palette of elegant colors throughout. These include green, blue and orange. The rug’s design is also available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different floor spaces and room sizes throughout your home.

bodrum area rug Image courtesy of Boutique Rugs


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