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Create a Relaxing Atmosphere Anywhere Using an Aroma Diffuser With Humidifier

If there was ever a time to add some relaxation to your daily routine, now would be it. Stress levels are high, anxieties are mounting and staying healthy is more important than ever. That’s why an aroma diffuser with a humidifier that can check multiple boxes is about to be your new holistic zen master.

A three in one item, aroma diffusers with humidifiers often includes an illuminating lid that acts as a soothing night light as well. This light often changes colors and can bring feelings of relaxation whether you’re meditating during the day or unwinding at night.

These versatile units also release a cooling mist that helps users to breathe easier, great for using during allergy season or when stuffed up with the cold or flu.

We also like that these units work with essential oils, which can be added to create a soothing scent that brings calm and peace, helping to relax users whether they’re sick, practicing yoga, or just want to create a welcome atmosphere to their surroundings.

For a multi-functional item that fits into any home, classroom or office, check out our top picks for an aroma diffuser with a humidifier.

1. GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier

For a humidifier and aroma diffuser that is large enough to fill a room up to 220 square feet, try the GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier. The four-liter Geniani has a top-fill design that makes it easy for users to fill under a sink or with a jug, eliminating the need to lift the Geniani once it’s filled. The Geniani has a built-in water gauge that makes it easy for users to see when more water is needed. A built-in essential oil tray at the bottom of the Geniani gives users the chance to a relaxing smell to their room. The Geniani can work consistently up to 18 hours on the highest setting and will automatically shut off when it runs out of water.

Pros: The Geniani has a smart auto-sensing mist adjustment built in that will adjust the level of the mist depending on the humidity level in the room. The humidifier can also be controlled manually and users can choose between three output levels.

Cons: It’s the biggest unit on our list. More expensive than some other options.

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2. VicTsing 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser

If you only have a small space but want the benefits of a humidifier and aroma diffuser, try the VicTsing 150 mL Essential Oil Diffuser. The small but powerful unit is only six inches tall, but can still run for up to six hours on the high setting and 10 hours on the low setting. Made with eco-friendly and safe BPA-free plastic, the VicTsing has an option to move through eight colorful lights while being used and has a sleep mode that includes a fine mist and no bright color. Users can add their own natural essential oils and the VicTsing has an auto shut-off for added safety.

Pros: The VicTsing is the quietest unit on our list and only gives off a 21dB noise level.

Cons: The design of the VicTsing makes it difficult to remove the top and add water without spilling water or pushing all the buttons on the base.

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3. ASAKUKI 500ml Premium, Essential Oil Diffuser

For a smaller humidifier with several convenient features, try the ASAKUKI Essential Oil Air Mist Diffuser. The ASAKUKI has a 500 mL capacity. There are a variety of customizable settings, including lights that change colors, a mist timer and an automatic shut-off feature. It also has a stylish design feature wood-like paneling on the bottom.

Pros: Compact size. Variety of settings. Stylish design.

Cons: May be too small for some rooms.

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