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Create Your Own Comics: 8 Ways to Get Started With Drawing

* Get inspired with these Graphic Novel supplies
* Gift ideas for creative kids
* From brush pens to sketch books

Whether you draw inspiration from the likes of Michelangelo’s beautifully-rendered figures, classic silver age comics by Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko, or the silver screen figures of Tom Holland (as Spider-Man) and Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, there’s no better time than the present to sharpen your pencils and get started with drawing or get back to the drawing board and hone your drafting skills.

Art supplies and pads make for some especially inspiring gift ideas as well, as sometimes a blank notebook with its limitless possibilities is the just-right present for the right-brained among us.

1. Comic Variety Layout Book

This blank comic book doubles as a journal tailor made for visual storytellers. With 110 high quality pages, it encourages you to test out the old adage about a picture being worth 1,000 words.


2. Blank Comic Book Templates for Kids

This book of blank comic book templates is a great way to get kids (or adults) started drawing comics. With a variety of pre-made layouts, this comic-book style journal helps teach the fundamentals of story pacing and visual narrative. It also has plenty of wonderfully ridiculous sound-effect bubbles. Ka-Boom!


3. Prismacolor Manga Style Pencil Set

This Manga-themed set of colored pencils invites sophisticated drawing with subtle gradations of hue and shading. Master the flat planes of color characteristic of the Manga style and perfect your sharp lines with these 18 Soft Core and 5 Verithin Premier colored pencils.


4. Canson 50-sheet Sketch Pad

This high quality canson sketch pad offers all the joys of the blank page. The Manga theme may be only skin deep, but the 50 sheets of heavyweight paper hold up well to shading and ball point drawing alike, making this a great practice notebook.


5. How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

This book offers classic with practical art instruction by the legendary John Buscema and witty words by none other than Marvel impresario Stan Lee.


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6. The Drawing Lesson

A drawing lesson in graphic novel form, this aptly titled book is a fun, entertaining introduction to graphic storytelling in the form of a self-explanatory graphic novel.


7. Ultra Fine Tip Micro Line Pens

These precision ultra fine tip micro line pens make line drawing a pleasure. Ranging from .25 to .5 mm, the pens in this set comprise a great starter kit for draftsmanship.


8. Ohuhu Brush Markers

This brush marker set allows for smooth watercolor-like effects. The set includes 20 brush pens and 1 water brush. Blend and dilute for vibrant washes and dreamy effects.