6 Products With Baking Soda That You Need To Try Today

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* Harness one of civilization’s most useful compounds
* From toothpaste to air fresheners – new ways to use baking soda
* The ancients marveled at its effervescence, now its powers can be yours!

Traditionally known as sodium bicarbonate, plain old baking soda can be something of an unsung hero. Once revered by alchemists, it now forms the basis of some surprisingly useful household and hygiene items. It’s also one of the most effective and safest cleaning products around. Here are 6 products with baking soda you need to try today.

1. PeroxiCare Toothpaste

Baking soda and peroxide form a potent alliance against tartar and tooth-disfiguring bacteria in this proven toothpaste from Arm & Hammer. You’ve probably seen this toothpaste around – it’s time to give it a try.

Peroxicare toothpaste review Courtesy Amazon


2. Bioré Cleansing Scrub

A water-activated foaming exfoliant, this cleansing scrub uses the power of bicarbonate to gently clear out pores and help get rid of wrinkle-forming dirt and detritus.

Bioré Scrub Courtesy Amazon


3. Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent

Thanks to its saponification– or “soap-ifying” effect, sodium bicarbonate can help make for a highly effective detergent. These packets from Arm & Hammer include a unique micro crystal composition that gets out grease stains and leaves clothes looking, feeling (and smelling) fresh.

Arm and Hammer Detergent Courtesy Amazon

4. Clean Day Cleanser

This baking soda-based countertop and stovetop cleaner is an effective alternative to caustic powders. It’s non-toxic and bleach-free but gets the grease and dirt out so it’s great for food handling surfaces.

Baking soda cleanser Mrs Meyers Clean Day Courtesy Amazon


5. Heritage Store Baking Soda Soap

Free from added fragrances and made of pure baking soda and organically-grown plant oils, this soap is one of the greenest, and sensitive skin-friendliest, ways to clean up.

Baking Soda Soap Courtesy Amazon


6. Munchkin Nursery Fresheners

These unobtrusive, UFO-looking nursery fresheners harness the potent odor-controlling aspects of baking soda to keep household odors at bay. Keep one in the bathroom, one in the fridge and well, it’s useful for pretty much every (smelly) room in the house.

Nursery Fresheners Courtesy Target

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