Balancing Act: 5 Fun Games That Sharpen Your Skills

waiter stacking game
Image courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Fun for the whole family – make it a games night
* Ideal for sharpening coordination and thinking skills
* Not your average board game

Looking to fight the boredom blues? Need a new way to entertain the family? Maybe you want to sharpen your coordination and critical thinking skills. These five games offer entertaining challenges to keep you and your loved ones riveted for hours, while providing a unique alternative to the same old board games.

1. Chairs and Ladders Game

This portable and fun balance game creates a challenge to see who can stack ladders and chairs the highest. Whether you’re playing as a team or individually, it requires balance, dexterity and problem solving skills to make sure you’re the last one standing. It’s fun for everyone from kids to grandparents.

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2. The Diamond Cube

The Diamond Cube game looks simple. But, how quickly can you use its 12 wooden pieces to form a diamond shape? Real diamonds take 990,000,000 years to form. If you think you can do it faster then give this game a go.

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3. Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

The Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game is an exciting, edge-of-your-seat balance game that helps develop hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills and interpersonal skills. Your goal: suspend rods from a teetering, wobbling frame for as long as you can without letting them fall. It’s a great way to entertain friends or pass the time alone. It’s also one of the best-reviewed games on Amazon.

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4. Don’t Tip The Waiter Stacking Game

Normally, not tipping your waiter is a sign of poor manners. But, with Kikkerland’s clever stacking game, that’s exactly what you want to do. Stack and balance as many bowls, bottles and plates as you can without causing a spill. It’s fun, unique, and made entirely of wood to last a long time.

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5. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga delivers all the fun of classic Jenga. But, it’s more exciting because it’s bigger. The set comes with 54 precision-cut and polished hardwood blocks that you have to stack as high as possible before it all tumbles down. It starts at 18 inches and can build up to three feet high. A great game to bring with you on a camping trip or to take outside for your pool parties, too.

Balancing games Image Courtesy of Amazon

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