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The Best Balloons for Taking Your Celebration to the Next Level

When it comes to throwing a party, whether it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary, a key ingredient is the humble, and memorable, balloon. These versatile party additions can turn bland rooms into exciting, eye-catching spaces — all through relatively little investment of time and money. Additionally, the very best balloons can become their own focal point, whether through their size, arrangement or attractive designs.

Choosing the best balloons for the venue or event is an important decision as the wrong color, shape or size could jeopardize the success of your party plans.

When choosing balloons, it’s worth considering the following aspects:

Color/Finish: One of the most important choices is the color of your balloons. If your event has a theme, the balloons need to match it. And if there is no established theme, it’s worth checking what color your venue is or whether the birthday boy/girl has a color they love. The difference between choosing the right or wrong color can make or break a successful aesthetic. 

Size: Another important aspect to consider is the size of the balloons. In general, a 12-inch balloon is the “standard” size. Any smaller than this and your balloon decorations may lose some of their impact. Bigger or more concentrated arrangements will draw more attention, which can be used to your advantage if you have something you want people to look at.

Shape: Ask anyone what shape a balloon is and they will generally draw the same shape. However, balloons do come in different dimensions. Consider mixing things up to catch attention. Ideas include spherical or letter and number-shaped options.

Filling: What you put inside your balloons can have a big impact on how they display. Mouth- or pump-blown air will not float, so any over-the-ground displays will require ribbon or string to keep them up. Fill the balloons with helium, and unless you want them on the ceiling or floating into the sky, you’ll need to tether them to the ground in some way. If you choose helium, it’s important to check that your chosen balloons are capable of holding the gas.

Once you have asked yourself what balloon is right for you, check out the best balloons available right now.  

1. Prextex Party Balloons

This pack of Prextex Party Balloons is a versatile answer to birthday parties, outdoor events and any other balloon-worthy celebration. The pack contains 300 premium-quality balloons that come in 10 rainbow colors, including light and dark blue, purple, red and light and dark green. The thickened walls of these pure latex balloons allow you to blow them up to 12 inches big. It’s possible to fill them by mouth, air pump or with helium. These balloons are an ideal party decoration or party favor and are also a great choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly balloon choice.

Pros: These are sturdy, rainbow-colored, classic-style balloons for every occasion.

Cons: The bright in-your-face colors are less suitable for classier parties and get-togethers.

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2. Dandy Decor Balloons

If you’re in need of balloons for a slightly classier affair, these Dandy Decor Balloons could be just what you’re looking for. No matter whether it’s an engagement party, birthday, wedding or graduation, these long-lasting, stylish balloons will add that extra touch of class. Each pack includes a mix of styles with 20 solid, 20 confetti-style and 20 solid-confetti-style balloons, giving you a ready mix for decoration. You’ll also find included ribbons for creating bunches and, as the balloons are constructed from a durable material, you can also choose between filling them with air or helium.

Pros: The attractive appearance of these balloons is mixed with a durable build quality.

Cons: As they are only available in certain color schemes, these balloons aren’t the most versatile choice.

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3. Gala Supplies Store Happy Birthday Balloons

This option from Gala makes it easy to send the right message to throw a surprise birthday party for a loved one. The rose gold mylar balloons spell “happy birthday,” and the cursive font and rose gold color make for a stylish decoration for a birthday party for adults or children. If rose gold isn’t your style, there’s also gold, silver, red, black and multi-colored.

Pros: Stylish cursive lettering. Great for grown-up birthday parties.

Cons: Letters aren’t connected, so you’ll need to string them yourself using the included ribbon.

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4. Brontothere Metallic Party Balloon

Somewhere in the middle of classically styled and classy-looking sits the Brontothere Metallic Party Balloon. These balloons are constructed from high-quality latex and boast an attractive metallic finish which adds a little bit extra attractiveness to the design. You can choose between both single and assorted packs with each containing 50 12-inch balloons. These balloons are great for birthday parties, wedding parties and any other kind of party. Plus, as they are 20% thicker than normal, they’re built to last and can also be filled with air, helium or water for hot afternoons.

Pros: The 20% extra thickness means these balloons can hold air, helium and water.

Cons: The middle-ground appearance of these balloons may not be to everyone’s taste.

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5. DIY Balloon Arch & Garland Kit

Is there a better way to celebrate an important occasion than with a balloon arch? We don’t think so. This is why the DIY Balloon Arch & Garland Kit should be on your must-have list for any birthdays, weddings or general celebrations on the horizon. You can choose from a range of color combinations, including rainbow colors, blue and pink and red and green. Each arch includes 100 balloons and also comes with arch balloon strip tape, balloon tying tools and glue dots.

Pros: This unique balloon presentation looks special and makes for a long-lasting memory.

Cons: The set doesn’t include a pump and requires a lot of balloons to be inflated.

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6. Learn & Climb DIY Balloon Animal Kit

If you’ve never tried your hand at balloon modeling, there’s still so much you have left to learn about the fun that can be had with balloons. Inside this Learn & Climb DIY Balloon Animal Kit, you’ll find everything you need to craft a range of different balloon animals, including dogs, tigers and giraffes. With 100 premium quality balloons in a range of colors, you’ll have plenty of canvas to let your creativity run wild, while the included hand pump ensures your lungs won’t be spent too quickly. Best of all, there’s an accompanying DVD that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve animal-shaped creations.

Pros: With over 30 animals to make, there are hours of fun inside each of these animal balloon-making kits.

Cons: This kit isn’t really useful for decorating.

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7. REIANS Self Standing Dinosaur Animal Balloons

Themed kids’ party? These balloons from REIANS are great for the kid who’s going through their dinosaur phase (or even an adult who’s still in their dino phase). In fact, with colorful T-Rex, ankylosaurus and triceratops options, among others, you could even assemble your own Jurassic Park (with much less risk than in the movie). They’re designed to be filled with air (instead of helium), and they’re even self-standing.

Pros: Variety of colorful dinosaur options available. Good option for a themed party.

Cons: Arms and legs have to be attached. Not ideal for use with helium. Single balloon with the order, rather than multi-pack.

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8. Unique Industries 9″ Latex Sunburst Yellow Balloons

Unique Industries isn’t exactly the most fun name for a balloon seller, but we’ll give them a pass because these economically priced 9″ balloons are a great option for any party atmosphere. They’re available in a range of colors, and each pack includes 20 balloons. That way, you can mix and match and have the right colors for your event. They’re made from traditional latex.

Pros: Economical option with 20 balloons per pack. Can choose colors individually.

Cons: Could use more variety in colors offered.

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9. KADBANER 100 Premium Quality Balloons

Starting an apprenticeship at clown school? Or, just looking to have fun with balloons? Either way, these “magic” balloons are sure to be a hit — there are a hundred of them in the pack, and they’re designed for making balloon animals. A wide range of colors are included in the pack, meaning that no two balloon dogs at the party have to be the same. Even if you’re not looking to make balloon animals, these can be a fun alternative to traditional round balloons.

Pros: Wide range of colors. 100 pieces in a set, making for an economical option.

Cons: Somewhat prone to popping easily.

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10. GuassLee Store 30pcs 18 Inch Big Balloons

Show them you really love them with these oversized balloons. At 18″, they’re sure to make a big impression. This is a great pick for themed events, too, because you can choose between different single-color options. There are classy picks like gold and white, festive options like assorted as well offbeat picks like black. These balloons are made with natural latex.

Pros: Oversized balloons for a more festive look. Several color options available. Pack of 30 included.

Cons: The clear balloons can have a foggy, yellowish tint to them.

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11. Prextex Giant Balloons

These Prextex Giant Balloons are hard to miss. Their jumbo, 36-inch diameter ensures they will become one of the focal points of your decor or alternatively act as a fun ball to play with. These balloons are available in packs of eight and come in a range of different colors, including red, green, transparent and gold. Their large yet durable construction means you can fill them by mouth or pump and with air or helium. They’re also ideal for photoshoots.

Pros: The 36-inch diameter of these balloons means they’re far larger than the average balloon.

Cons: Due to their large size, these balloons take longer than normal to inflate.

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12. Gala Supplies Custom Letter Balloons

For a more personalized approach to your balloon display, you might want to turn to the Gala Supplies Custom Letter Balloons. These attractive, 16-inch high balloons come in any of the 26 alphabet letters or numbers from zero to nine. Each balloon is also available in either gold, silver and rose gold and includes a self-sealing valve which makes it easy to fill. These balloons are ideal for spelling out names, dates or a combination of the two. Furthermore, while the balloons cannot be filled with helium, they do include tabs for easy hanging using the ribbon included in the pack.

Pros: The wide range of letters and numbers available lets you spell out almost anything you can think of.

Cons: These balloons cannot be filled with helium, so they require hanging with the included ribbon.

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