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Stool Samples: The 10 Best Home Stools Under $100

* Bar stools offer convenient seating without taking up a lot of space
* Certain items work both indoor and outdoor, while others can be stored easily for later use
* All are under $100

Change up your chairs or add some seating options at home with these fun stools. Modern or minimalist, basic or bright, choose the one that best accents the room. Whether you’re just looking for some extra seating space at parties, or outfitting your bar, you can now find something comfortable and decorative for less than $100.

1. Trademark Gameroom Folding Stool

Covered in a black cushioned top, this sturdy steel frame is reinforced with a spring action secure lock. Its simple, sleek black design fits in with most table designs, and it folds for storage, making it an easy item to whip out if you run out of chairs at the table.


2. Winsome Counter Stool

Crafted out of beechwood produced in Thailand, this saddle seated stool can either be finished in matte black or walnut. The wide contoured top offers sturdier seating, and the product ships ready and easy to assemble.


3. PARTYSAVING Hydraulic Massage and Salon Stool

Get a 360 degree view with this seat, that has a pivoting castor, and can roll smoothly on all surfaces. The hydraulic gas lift allows you to adjust the seat to fit individual needs, and the seat is cuchioned with gradually softening foam.

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4. Flash Furniture Distressed Metal Barstool

To suit a more modern, industrialized look, this simple steel stool is finished with a green-blue powder coat. Backless, this stool can work both indoors and outdoors, and is built to withstand wet weather.


5. Joveco Green Stackable Stool

This fun design is available in a variety of bright colors, including green, red, blue and yellow, to go with whatever color scheme best suits your bar or table. Made of steel with a glossy finish, these are stackable, to make for easy storage and distribution during parties and events.


6. Brayden Metal and Wood Stool

Blending an industrial steel design with rustic wood, this stool’s basic black legs fit in with most room plans. Great for additional kitchen counter seating, or the latest addition to your bar area, these stools are crafted in Indonesia.

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Image Courtesy of Brayden[/caption]


7. Joveco Plywood Bar Stool

Made from foam, chrome steel and plywood, this model provides additional back support along its sturdy frame. Modeled after a more traditional design, this goes well in a classically themed room.


8. Joveco Adjustable Swivel Seat

If you want an adjustable design that doesn’t resemble office seating, this blend of cast iron with a distressed black finish is sleek in its simplicity. The seat swivels easily, the height is simple to change, and it comes already assembled.


9. Workpro Shop Stool

Flexible and durable, this stool rotates 360 degrees, has a hydraulic adjustment and can withstand weights of up to 330 lbs. The seat is padded, to make those hours spent working more comfortable.


10. Galvin Industrial Stool

This unique design is distinctly old-school, blending lenga wood and metal for a earthy finish. Made in Vietnam, it works partnered with other similar pieces or as a stand-alone.

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Image Courtesy of Galvin[/caption]

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