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There’s Never Any Room For Plates Next To My Barbecue So I Got One of These Prep Tables To Add Space

We love making food on the barbecue, but if you’re like us and often find yourself trying to figure out where to put your tools, your food, your spices, and your drink (the chef should always be hydrated), we’ve got the solution. Barbecue prep tables are a versatile, useful, and affordable solution to the one issue every barbecue has – not enough prep space.

Barbecue prep tables have several functions. They can be a spot to set down your meat or vegetables while waiting for the grill to warm up, saving you from running back inside to retrieve your food once it’s time to cook. Prep tables can also be precisely what they sound like – a place to prep your food. Whether you’re seasoning your bird for beer can chicken, or you’re assembling vegetable skewers, having a place to work near the barbecue not only saves time, it also saves kitchen counter space that can be used to prepare the rest of the meal.

Want to learn more about our picks for the best barbecue prep table? Check them out below!

1. Keter Unity XL Indoor Outdoor Entertainment BBQ Storage Table

The Keter Unity XL Indoor Outdoor Entertainment BBQ Storage Table has 78 total gallons of storage, as well as smart features like two sidebars for paper towels, four hook hangers, and a spice rack.

Pros: The Keter includes 54 gallons of sealed storage space and 24 gallons of open storage, providing a prep table that doubles as a mini-storage facility. The table has a natural wood-like texture and is sealed with water-resistant resin, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The 430 stainless steel top is a great prep area and serving station and we like the added touches, like a built-in spice rack, hook hangers, adjustable legs, and front wheels for added mobility.

Cons: The stainless-steel top will rust if left outside unprotected. This table also might be time-consuming to assemble.

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2. Cuisinart Take Along Grill Stand

The Cuisinart Take Along Grill Stand has an innovative design that allows it to be used as a single table, with one or two flip up side tables, and comes with a strap for easy carrying. Our most portable option, the Cuisinart is great for setting up in a backyard or on a patio, as well as taking to the beach, tailgating parties or a picnic. The lightweight aluminum table can hold 35 pounds, includes six built-in cup holders, and has eight tool hooks that keep barbecuing accessories within reach.

Pros: We love that the table includes three size options thanks to its added side shelves.

Cons: The Cuisinart does not include a covered storage area like the Keter.

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3. Nova Microdermabrasion Wood Storage Trolley

The Nova Microdermabrasion Wood Storage Trolley is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The sleek wooden design is a different aesthetic from other prep tables on our list. This easy to assemble and transport trolley makes grilling easier.

Pros: Unique design. Cheapest option on our list.

Cons: The color is a little off from what’s pictured.

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