These Barn Door Kits Make Adding Serious Style to Your Home Decor Easy

Sliding Barn Door
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If you’ve watched any home decorating or renovating show in the past five years, you know that traditional doors are out and barn doors are in. The move towards barn doors isn’t slowing down. First bursting into the interior design world as a hot trend, barn doors are now proving their longevity thanks to the products’ smart space-saving design. Sure, barn doors are gorgeous to look at, they add interest to a blank wall, and they create depth and layers to rooms, but they’re also easy to install and don’t require trim work. That makes them a DIY-ers dream project.

Barn doors can be used in just about any space in the home. Available in several sizes, barn doors are ideal for awkward openings that don’t quite fit a traditional door or require an expensive custom door. For areas without much clearance, barn doors can offer privacy for bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, kitchens and more. We also like that barn doors can bring a clean and finished look to rooms you may want to hide from guests, like laundry rooms and storage areas.

Much easier than raising a barn and with the option for a modern or rustic look, these three barn doors are a great addition to any décor.


1. SMARTSTANDARD Sliding Barn Door with Hardware Kit

Can’t decide which door would look good with which hardware? The SMARTSTANDARD Sliding Barn Door with Hardware Kit takes out the guesswork, with the 6.6-foot barn door packaged with all the hardware necessary to install your door immediately. The kit is complete with all the screws, plugs, handles and the rail needed to install your 36-inch by 84-inch door (the door can also be purchased without the kit). The solid wood barn door comes with pre-drilled holes and we like that the door can be flipped in either direction. The Cypress wood door provides sound and heat insulation and deodorization, with the door featuring a delicate, natural texture and a pleasing natural smell.

Pros: Customize your barn door with the SmartStandard, which can be stained or painted to match your décor. It can also be used unfinished for a rustic look and doesn’t need to be sanded.

Cons: The SmartStandard is not suitable for outdoor use and it’s not recommended to trim the door. Because the door is made from natural wood, it is not scratch-resistant and may not be appropriate for homes with pets.

SMARTSTANDARD Sliding Barn Door with Hardware Kit Image courtesy of Amazon


2. TENONER White K-Frame Sliding Barn Door with Hardware Kit

For a more modern look and a door that comes with everything you’ll need for fast and easy installation, try the TENONER White K-Frame Sliding Barn Door with Hardware Kit. Painted in a brilliant white, the Tenoner is made with solid beams with a K overlay, giving it a timeless feel. Made from solid wood and MDF, the Tenoner is durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean, great for homes with kids or pets. The 6.6-foot door can hang in either direction and the bottom of the door arrives pre-hollowed in order to work with the helpful floor guide.

Pros: The Tenoner comes with the track, door handles, door stopper, strap anti-block, wall space, anchor, and all the bolts and screws needed to assemble the door.

Cons: The Tenoner is the most expensive door on our list. It also comes painted in white and cannot be stained.

TENONER White K-Frame Sliding Barn Door with Hardware Kit Image courtesy of Amazon


3. BELLEZE Unfinished Sliding Barn Door

If you already have hardware for a barn door or you want to purchase a specific kit, we recommend the BELLEZE Unfinished Sliding Barn Door. The single door measures 36 inches by 84 inches and has an arrow pattern over the beams (a single or double ‘X’ pattern is also an option). The door arrives pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy assembly and installation with an appropriate kit. The Belleze is made with high quality, 100% natural knotty pine that looks beautiful unfinished or can be stained or painted to match your décor.

Pros: The Belleze is 1.57 inches thick, making it the thickest door on our list and therefore the best suited to block noise and maintain heat insulation.

Cons: Hardware must still be purchased to install the Belleze.

BELLEZE Unfinished Sliding Barn Door Image courtesy of Amazon