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These Barn Door Kits Make Adding Serious Style to Your Home Decor Easy

If you’ve watched any home decorating or renovating show in the past five years, you know that traditional doors are out and barn doors are in. The move towards barn doors isn’t slowing down. First bursting into the interior design world as a hot trend, barn doors are now proving their longevity thanks to the products’ smart space-saving design. Sure, barn doors are gorgeous to look at, they add interest to a blank wall, and they create depth and layers to rooms, but they’re also easy to install and don’t require trim work. That makes them a DIY-ers dream project.

Barn doors can be used in just about any space in the home. Available in several sizes, barn doors are ideal for awkward openings that don’t quite fit a traditional door or require an expensive custom door. For areas without much clearance, barn doors can offer privacy for bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, kitchens and more. We also like that barn doors can bring a clean and finished look to rooms you may want to hide from guests, like laundry rooms and storage areas.

Much easier than raising a barn and with the option for a modern or rustic look, these three barn doors are a great addition to any décor.

1. TENONER White K-Frame Sliding Barn Door with Hardware Kit

For a more modern look and a door that comes with everything you’ll need for fast and easy installation, try the TENONER White K-Frame Sliding Barn Door with Hardware Kit. Painted in a brilliant white, the Tenoner is made with solid beams with a K overlay, giving it a timeless feel. Made from solid wood and MDF, the Tenoner is durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean, great for homes with kids or pets. The 6.6-foot door can hang in either direction and the bottom of the door arrives pre-hollowed in order to work with the helpful floor guide.

Pros: The Tenoner comes with the track, door handles, door stopper, strap anti-block, wall space, anchor, and all the bolts and screws needed to assemble the door.

Cons: Somewhat expensive.


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2. BELLEZE Unfinished Sliding Barn Door

If you already have hardware for a barn door or you want to purchase a specific kit, we recommend the BELLEZE Unfinished Sliding Barn Door. The single door measures 36 inches by 84 inches and has an arrow pattern over the beams (a single or double ‘X’ pattern is also an option). The door arrives pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy assembly and installation with an appropriate kit. The Belleze is made with high quality, 100% natural knotty pine that looks beautiful unfinished or can be stained or painted to match your décor.

Pros: The Belleze is 1.57 inches thick, making it the thickest door on our list and therefore the best suited to block noise and maintain heat insulation.

Cons: Hardware must still be purchased to install the Belleze.

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3. EaseLife 8 FT Double Door Sliding Barn

Many of the options on this list consist of kits for installing a single large sliding door, but double doors can be a great pick, too. Double doors are slightly more modern, add symmetry, and can be a good option in tighter spaces. This option from EaseLife has all of the hardware needed to install the doors, including rails, rollers, supports and all of the necessary brackets and screws. The doors themselves are not included.

Pros: Good option for installing double doors, includes rollers, rails, and other necessary brackets and screws.

Cons: Doors not included.

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4. Homlux Barn Door Hardware Kit Double Door

Homlux’s barn door kit is another good option for those who prefer the convenience and aesthetics of a double door. This option is the 10-foot kit, making it a good option for spacious homes with wide door frames. However, you can also choose smaller kits, as well as single door options. This kit consists of everything needed for installation, including rails, rollers, screws and other hardware. A door is not included.

Pros: Designed for double doors. Good option for larger doorways. Comes with all of the necessary installation hardware.

Cons:  Floor guide not included.

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5. INDUSTRIAL BY DESIGN Single Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

This kit consists of the hardware for installing a single, sliding barn door. The top rail is 8-feet long, which is long enough to accommodate most normal-sized doors. There are two hangers with nylon wheels, two door stoppers and a floor guide to keep the door from swinging while sliding. There are also bolts, washers and spacers for easy installation.

Pros: Includes floor guide for keeping the door from swinging. Sturdy nylon wheels.

Cons: 8-foot rail may not accommodate large doors.

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6. U-MAX Sliding Barn Wood Door Basic Sliding Track Kit

U-Max’s hardware kit is available in a variety of designs to suit your taste, including options with concealed or decorative brackets. The hardware features a matte black design that can seamlessly suit a range of interior styles. The hardware is made for doors that are between 36″-40″. Rollers, door stops, and the necessary screws and brackets are included. Like some of the other options, this kit only consists of the hardware — the door is not included.

Pros: Available in a variety of bracket styles, comes with necessary screws and installation equipment.

Cons: Door not included.

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7. FaithLand Double Sliding Barn Door

Faithland’s double door hardware kit has several smartly-designed features to keep the door sliding smoothly. The stoppers are cushioned, which keeps the door from making too much noise. There are also small bumpers that attach to the door that prevent the wheels from coming off the rails. The nylon wheels have reliable bearings to keep the doors rolling smoothly.

Pros: Designed for double doors.  Includes bumpers that prevent the door from jumping off the rail.

Cons: 12 feet size may be too big for smaller spaces.

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