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If You’re Still Throwing Your Towel On The Floor It’s Time To Get a Bath Mat

Whether you like to shower at night or in the morning, are more of a bath person, or just need something comfortable to stand on while going through your daily grooming routine, every bathroom needs a soft and high-quality bath mat. Designed to absorb water, provide a cushiony and plush place to put your wet feet, and stay in place, bath mats are not only functional, but they also can give a pop of color or a soothing accent to any bathroom.

Placing a towel on the floor to stand on when emerging from the shower can be dangerous. Though towels are designed to absorb water, they’re not intended to stay in place. With no non-slip and non-skid backing on a towel, using a traditional towel as a bath mat can result in a slip and fall, with bathrooms one of the most common areas in the home to suffer an accident.

Bath mats are designed to absorb water, which is why they’re often placed at the foot of a tub or shower to soak up any remaining water on a person’s feet after they bathe. Bath mats are commonly used in front of vanities or toilets as well, providing a comfortable place to rest your feet or stand.

Depending on your preference for material and looks, we’ve included three different styles of bath mats in our top picks below. The Luxe Rug White Plush Shower Mat is a microfiber bath mat that is quick-drying. The Gorilla Grip is a chenille bath mat that is safe for both the washing machine and the dryer. The Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat has an ultra-plush finish that is comfortable to stand on for extended periods.

With a variety of fabrics and colors to choose from, our three top picks for bath mats will keep your feet dry and give your bathroom a finished look.

1. Luxe Rug White Plush Shower Mat

The Luxe Rug White Plush Shower Mats are 11.5 percent denser and have more threads per square inch than competitors, making them plusher and fluffier than other shower mats.

Pros: The Luxe is a microfiber shower mat that is denser and has more threads per square inch than other brands and absorbs better and dries faster than cotton or memory foam. Moisture is trapped in the mat’s deep pile, which keeps the mat feeling dry on your feet, and the mats are anti-mold and mildew resistant. The Luxe has a durable, non-skid, and nonslip backing made from latex, which is stickier and stronger than PVC and makes it ideal for use in bathrooms.

Cons: Some customers find that the Lux feels thin compared to other bath mats. Many noted that the grey color is blue.

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2. Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat

Made from 100 percent soft chenille, the Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat is ultra-absorbent and has an extra-strong backing to help it stay in place throughout multiple washings.

Pros: Gorilla Grip uses TP rubber backing for their mats, which are stronger and more durable than PVC or glue, making a non-slip bottom that won’t tear or weaken after multiple washes, including a trip to the dryer. The Gorilla Grip has a soft pile finish that is cushiony on the feet, with moisture trapped in the bottom of the rug to keep feet dry.

Cons: The Gorilla Grip can become slippery if it is placed on top of water.

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3. Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

The ultimate in comfort, the Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat is a cozy and coral velvet feel microfiber that is non-slip and absorbent.

Pros: Made from polyurethane memory foam and an outer material of soft microfiber, the Genteele is comfortable and nonslip thanks to PVC buttons on the back. Like the Gorilla Grip, the Genteele is safe for both the washer and dryer. The mats are made in an EKO-TEX Standard 100 certified factory and are available in 10 colors. The Genteele is the softest and most cushiony of all three mats on our list.

Cons: Like the Gorilla Grip, it’s important to never place the Genteele on a wet floor. Some customers found the Genteele didn’t absorb water well.

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