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Step On It: The 9 Best Bath Rugs and Mats for Comfy Feet

* Choose your bath mat from a variety of colors and styles
* These are best suited for water absorption
* Many can also be used in other rooms

Find the best fit for your bathroom with these nine different mat choices. With anything from fluffy shag to soft memory foam, they all come with effective water absorption technology while providing comfort and holding up to repeated use.

1. FlamingoP Memory Foam Bathroom Mat

Soft to the touch, this bath mat is designed to absorb water and dry quickly. Its non-slip, resistant rubber base ensures it stays firmly on the floor, so you can get out of the shower with ease.


2. Genteele Velvet Bathroom Mat

This luxurious velvet mat is made of microfiber, creating a smooth, soft cushion for your feet. It’s machine washable, non-slip, and a classic steel grey, which fits in nicely in most color schemes.


3. World Market Round Bathroom Mat

For an original take on the classic bath mat, this round design comes in a variety of pastel and bright shades. Small in size, it works well in compact places.

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4. Mayshine Turquoise Bathroom Mat

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your bathroom, this turquoise mat is a fun addition. Furthermore, its fiber-locking technology means you don’t have to worry about errand threads falling off.


5. Vintage Diamond Bathroom Mat

These concentric diamonds blend indigo, grey and ivory colors in this textural bath mat. Made in India, it’s a simplistic, classical addition to your bathroom.

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6. NTTR Shag Bathroom Mat

Made of 100% microfiber chenille, the separated threads help the mat to dry faster, avoiding any unwanted damp smells. The bottom grips the floor using hot melt adhesive, preventing any slip-ups, and it’s made entirely of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials.


7. World Market Ivory Sheep Shag Mat

If you love the look of sheepskin rugs in other rooms, why not incorporate it into your bathroom? Made in India of 100% cotton, it’s a stylish, soft new addition that’s more absorbent than regular sheepskin rugs.

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8. K-Mat Soft Shag Bathroom Mat

This extra-soft shag mat helps to protect your feet from cold bathroom tile and retain your warmth. The gentle polyester twill construction also prevents water from spilling onto the floor.


9. Norcho Absorbent Bathroom Mat

This mat features fine threads woven together, as well as a slip resistant surface. If it starts to look worn, just throw it in the wash and tumble dry.

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