So Fresh: 8 Crazy Products to Elevate Your Bathing Routine for Under $50

crazy shower home decor
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* Create a spa-like atmosphere in your very own bathroom
* Simple bathroom upgrades to increase your overall well-being
* Multitaskers take note!

Regardless of what your current bathroom routine is, there’s probably no denying that it could use some improvement. The reality is that you can upgrade your bathroom without having to demolish what you have in favor of pricey renovations. In fact, all of our picks are under $50, and require little to no assistance to install.

1. Aqua Love Notes Waterproof Notepad

Unless you’re taking Alexa or Siri into the bathroom with you, this might be your best option for jotting down any notes or reminders.

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2. WaveHooks Bathtub Wine Glass Holder

A glass holder for your wine while you take a bath (or shower)? Brilliant!

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3. Screenholder Shower Curtain

If you insist on having your phone or tablet with you at all times (even in the shower) you should probably invest in Screenholder’s shower curtain. It will provide you with the freedom of hands-free operation of your devices while you shower.

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Screenholder Shower Curtain



4. Besuntek Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This little bluetooth speaker is waterproof, floats, comes with mood lighting and even a built-in FM radio. This little speaker probably sounds way better than your phone on blast.

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5. 4moms Spout Cover

This is pretty neat – it doubles as a digital thermometer and bumper between your little one’s noggin and the faucet.

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4moms Spout Cover



6. Bamburoba Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

This bamboo bathtub tray is adjustable and won’t get funky with mold or mildew and you can rest just about anything on it.

Bamburoba Bamboo Bathtub Caddy



7. Aromatherapy Shower Kit

Aromatherapy can help alleviate, cure or diminish your level of stress, and now you can take its healing powers into the shower with you.

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Aromatherapy Shower Kit



8. HotelSpa Shower Combo

Similar to shower heads you might find in a hotel, the HotelSpa Shower Combo doubles up on the standard number of heads and even color codes each one with LED lights for a bit of ambiance.

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HotelSpa Shower Combo