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The Best Bed Frames You Can Order Online

There are a few essential items that you’ll find in almost every American bedroom. The first is a mattress, the second is somewhere to keep clothing and the third is a bed frame. Sure, you could keep a mattress on the floor, but the healthiest way to sleep for you and your mattress is to use a bed frame.

Without a bed frame to keep your bed off the floor and improve the airflow around it, your mattress may store more allergens, dust and dirt. It is also more susceptible to moisture, creating the right environment for mold and mildew growth.

In addition to being better for your mattress, the best bed frames can also be an important part of bedroom interior design. Picking a decorative bed frame can create a statement piece in the middle of the room. Or, choosing one that keeps the bed higher or lower may also help you create the vibe you find most relaxing, thus promoting better sleep.

When choosing a bed frame, you’ll need to first consider the size of the bed you need, and then think about the type of bed frame you want. Below, we’ll break down several of the common types of bed frames available.

Standard Frames

Standard frames are cage-like structures made of metal, or sometimes wood, which hold your mattress off the ground on a set of legs. These frames are usually available in a high profile (quite tall), regular profile (normal height) and low profile (sitting near to the ground). In addition, they are usually adjustable to house different mattress sizes, and occasionally their height can be adjusted, too. Some can even hold a headboard. However, standard frames necessitate the use of a box spring in addition to your mattress

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Platform Bed Frame

Probably the second most popular type of bed frame, a platform bed frame consists of wooden slats that can hold your mattress and box spring. Alternatively, it’s also possible to forgo the boxspring if you have a platform bed frame. These bed frames are also available in a variety of profiles, and many feature additional storage space below the mattress. The main disadvantages of platform bed frames are the higher than average price and the fact that they can be difficult to move due to their solid, one-piece construction.

Upholstered Bed Frame

Upholstered bed frames are having their moment in interior design right now. These beds usually come with a plush, upholstered headboard, and the upholstery extends right around the frame. The result is a statement piece and a bed that feels luxurious every time you lay down. On the other hand, these bed frames have to be cleaned regularly as allergens like to hide out in the padding, and you’ll have to replace the entire frame if you want to change the decor in your bedroom.

Sleigh Bed Frame

Sturdy and sometimes quite decorative, sleigh beds come with both a headboard and a footboard built in. In fact, the name comes from the fact that they look like a snow sleigh primed to glide through the countryside. These are often made of polished wood or metal and cut an imposing figure in a bedroom. However, they do take up significantly more space than the average bed.

Canopy Bed Frame

Travel back in time to medieval Europe, and you’ll notice that all the nobility sleep under canopies created with the aid of a canopy or four poster bed frame. These still exist today. The essential part of a canopy bed are the four rods that extend at least four feet from each corner of the bed. These rods usually support a roof structure that can be decorated with curtains, a.k.a. the “canopy.” While these bed frames are truly romantic, they do take more effort to style correctly.

Daybed Frame

Daybed frames are great for guest bedrooms and the rooms of older children. These beds have both a headboard and a footboard as well as a backboard that makes them look like an oversized couch with a mattress instead of cushions. Many daybeds also come with a trundle bed tucked underneath, providing plenty of room for guests to stay the night.

Bunk Bed/Loft Bed Frame

Although two different types of bed frames, we’ve combined bunk bed frames and loft bed frames into one as they are most commonly seen in kids’ rooms and guest rooms. These beds create an extra, elevated sleeping space. Bunk bed frames usually hold one mattress above another, while loft bed frames keep the single bed above an empty floor space. These frames are particularly useful if you’re trying to turn a smaller room into a bedroom or you’re otherwise short on space.

Now that you know all about the various frames available, take a minute to look through our favorite bed frames you can order online.


1. The Floyd Platform Bed


We love this bed frame. The Floyd Platform Bed is rated highly by its users, who call it the “best bed frame on the market,” as well as Floyd themselves, who say it’s “probably the most modular bed on the market.” The best part of this piece is that the bed itself lives up to its 4.9 out of five score, as it truly allows you to create the perfect bed for you. When ordering, you can customize nearly everything, from choosing between twin, king, queen and full size to deciding on the four different color combinations, which include both birch and black and walnut and white. You can also choose to add a headboard and decide exactly how much underbed storage you’d like, if any at all. Furthermore, the bed itself looks super cool and will suit a range of different bedroom interiors.

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Image courtesy of Floyd


2. Zinus Spa Sensations SmartBase Bed Frame


If you’re after a new bed frame but aren’t looking to spend too much cash, consider the Zinus Spa Sensations SmartBase Bed Frame. It’s available in sizes from twin to California king and comes backed by over 8,500 five-star ratings from customers already loving their purchase. The metal-framed bed includes a 14-inch gap between the platform and the floor which provides plenty of handy storage space for your belongings. It also boasts an impressive number of contact points with the floor which delivers a solid feel for the sleepers on top.

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Image courtesy of Walmart


3. Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame


For those who love the solid feel a metal bed frame can provide, it’s worth checking out the Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame. The uniquely-sturdy build ensures a comfortable nighttime experience for occupants, while the 18-inch clearance gives you plenty of storage space for your clothes and other seasonal items. To further ensure you enjoy a quiet, squeak-free night’s rest, the bed’s legs are all reinforced, while the frame itself encloses the mattress to prevent any mid-night slipping.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Brayden Studio Beacsfield Platform Low Profile Bed


For a more low-profile feel to your bedroom setup, look no further than the Beacsfield Platform Low Profile Bed. It’s made from solid acacia wood for a classy appearance which will look at home in a range of bedroom environments. It also requires no box spring, includes a headboard and features eight points of contact with the floor for a solid footing. In addition, because of the bed’s all-wood construction, you’ll find natural variation in its appearance, giving you a truly unique bed for your home.

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Image courtesy of Wayfair


5. DHP Cambridge Storage Bed


When shopping for bedroom furniture in a cramped apartment or small home, you have to maximize the space you do have. So why not enjoy the excitement of a new bed frame while also creating a whole new storage area in your room?

With the DHP Cambridge Storage Bed, it’s easy to achieve both these goals as this stylish bedroom addition sports a large headboard and elegant frame which comes covered in your choice of black faux leather, grey velvet or other attractive material options. The frame is available in three different sizes and makes the most of underbed storage by including a gas-powered hinge system that allows the platform and mattress to be lifted up, revealing a bed-sized storage area underneath. This is a great option for anyone looking for a combination of style and function.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Cloth & Company Kelly Wingback Bed


The Kelly Wingback Bed combines a simple design with an elegant appearance to give you a bed that will fit right into classy, modern interiors. This USA-made bed sports an extra-large headboard and comes in four different sizes, up to California king. The frame is covered in a talc-colored upholstery and sits four inches from the floor, making it a great choice for bed buyers who are looking for a low-profile bed frame.

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Image courtesy of One Kings Lane


7. Orren Ellis Corso Upholstered Storage Platform Bed


There’s something that just appeals about a leather, or a faux leather, finish. It just can’t be achieved with any other style of bed. The Orren Ellis Corso Upholstered Storage Platform Bed sports a sleek, faux leather design with a low sitting profile. It features a padded headboard as well as loads of underbed storage, which is accessible thanks to the gas-lift system. Furthermore, the curved slats of this platform frame provide excellent support for your mattress, keeping it in great shape for years to come.

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Image courtesy of Wayfair


8. Mercury Row Moyers Profile Canopy Bed


If you want to feel like you’re sleeping in a contemporary fairy tale, consider purchasing the Mercury Row Moyers Profile Canopy Bed. This eye-catching metal frame boasts both the requisite rods extending from each corner and a roof structure that’s ideal for holding drapery. Alternatively, you can use the frame bare for a modern look. In addition, this bed frame comes with an upholstered headboard that’s made of foam-filled linen with horizontal seams. Together, these elements create a bedroom centerpiece that looks lovely against whitewashed or darker walls alike.

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Image courtesy of Wayfair


9. Sven & Son Adjustable Bed Base Frame


The Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame is like the Mercedes of bed frames. This upholstered frame is accompanied by a split king underbelly. This means that it holds two individual cooling gel memory foam mattresses (which are included), one for you and one for your partner. The best part is that each side of the bed can be raised or lowered at both the head and foot end, depending on your sleeping or lounging preference, and the frame also has a built-in massage function. In addition, each side of the bed boasts two USB ports and under-bed lighting.

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