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Homey Hems: The 5 Best-Selling Bed Skirts Under $20

* Stylish ways to hide what lurks under the bed
* Easy, no-slip solutions
* Luxurious designs that still fit your budget

Remember how you thought you would trick your parents when they asked you to clean your room by shoving all your toys under the bed? Too bad you didn’t have one of these lovely dust ruffles back then to make your life easier. They make your bed look crisp and tidy concealing what lies beneath. And, they help prevent dust from collecting under there.

Here are five brilliant bed skirts we know your parents would approve of. Get them to accent your current set of sheets, or as a chic cover-up for what lurks underneath.

1. Today’s Home Microfiber Bed Skirt

This bed skirt is like the perfect suit…well tailored, classic and timeless. Besides being a stylish way to hide under bed storage, it’s also easy to care for and fade resistant.


2. Lux Decor Collection Pleated Bed Skirt

You’ll wish you and your bed could both wear this skirt. Its silky soft, ultra-plush microfiber material gives it a luxurious texture, but still allows for it to be tossed in the washing machine as needed.


3. MeiLa Wrap Around Bed Skirt

Pestered by bed skirts that don’t stay in place? This is the bed skirt for you. Not only will this make your bed look tidy, its smart Velcro/elastic design eliminates all that frustrating slipping and sliding.


4. Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Bed Skirt

Stop stressing out over bed skirts that fade and wrinkle. The Zen Bamboo Bed Skirt eliminates those worries while making your bedroom feel like a luxurious and peaceful oasis.


5. Utopia Bedding Bed Skirt

Treat yourself like a king with this bed skirt from Utopia. The 15-inch drop features quadruple pleating and a soft, velvety texture that will make your bed look fit for royalty.

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