The 8 Best Tray Tables for Eating and Working in Bed

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If you’re a bed-loving person, you’ll already know that being able to spend as much of your time in bed as possible is desirable. Whether you’re watching TV, eating breakfast or even reading a book, spending time in such a comfortable, warm and trouble-free environment is time well spent. There are those, of course, who struggle to understand bed-oriented people, but if you love being in bed, you’ll understand that some of the best times, best meals and best activities can occur there.

With the rise in the number of people working from home, the temptation to start working in bed definitely has some appeal. And, where many say it’s not a good idea, some believe it actually has some benefits. However, if you’re going to be working, enjoying breakfast in bed, chilling with Netflix or even enduring a bout of illness, you’re going to need a bed tray table at hand.

We’ve put together a list of the top bed tray tables available on Amazon. The list includes options for every kind of person, whether your need is food in bed, work in bed or a combination of everything. Many of the options also work in other areas of the house, too, and can provide a handy platform when you’re sitting on the couch, lying on the ground or even traveling in the car. Here’s what to look for…

1. Neetto Adjustable Laptop Table


With the Neetto Adjustable Laptop Table, versatility is the name of the game. Whether you want it high, low or somewhere in between, the table’s adjustable legs make getting comfortable a simple task. The table also comes in a choice of color of either honeydew or American cherry and offers up to 30 degrees of tilt to ensure you have the exact position you need. This particular option also comes in two different sizes and has more than 2700 five-star reviews from users who love it.

a neetto folding bed tray table sitting upright on a flat surface with a laptop sitting on top of it on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Mind Reader Adjustable 8 Position Lap Top Desk


The Mind Reader Adjustable 8 Position Lap Top Desk is a cheap, cheerful and well-reviewed answer to working, watching computer shows or reading in bed. This lap-mounted desk offers eight different angles to provide the optimal viewing platform and even includes a design which saves space by folding flat for easy storage when it’s not in use. In addition, you’ll find dual-bolster pillows mounted on the desk’s underside to maximize comfort and stability.

the mindreader bed tray table in black sitting on a flat surface on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk


If your kids love staying in bed and hate doing homework, why not compromise with this Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk? Not only can you use it in bed, it’s also great for use on sofas, on the floor or in any other space where you need a working surface in front of you. The legs fold into the desk for easy storage and to let you rest it flat on other surfaces. There’s also a built-in storage space for stationery and other handy items, so you don’t always need to get up and go looking for them.

a plastic, black bed tray table with a hidden compartment holding stationary sitting on a flat surface on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Winsome Wood Ventura Bed Tray


If there’s a better way to wake up than with a delicious breakfast served to you in bed, we’re not aware of it. The design of the Winsome Wood Ventura Bed Tray makes it ideal for serving food or playing games in bed. It may be simple, but the large serving space and simple folding legs ensure it can do everything you need without complicating the situation. It also means this tray can be easily stored in your kitchen or under the bed when not in use. This Winsome Wood product is a great option for couples who like the sound of a romantic breakfast or dinner in bed together while watching the TV.

a winsome wood bed tray table sitting on a flat surface on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Songmics Bamboo Laptop Desk


For those who want the best of both worlds when it comes to enjoying breakfast in bed and having a space to use a laptop in bed, the Songmics Bamboo Laptop Desk fits the bill. The pre-assembled desk has a magnetic surface which can be adjusted depending on the task at hand. During meals, keep it flat. Then, when it’s time to use your laptop, you can choose between a number of different angles for the surface. The natural bamboo construction is also durable and contains a number of beautiful cutouts to give your desk an attractive appearance. You’ll also find a built-in drawer for storing your essentials and a stopper on the lower part of the desk to prevent your things from sliding off.

a songmics wooden bed tray table with the flat part angled upwards sitting on a flat surface on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


6. LapGear Designer Lap Desk


With the LapGear Designer Lap Desk, you’ll find a unique design which actually feels like someone has thought of everything. Not only is it available in a range of attractive styles and colors, which is great for couples and families who want to have their own tray, there’s also a range of handy extras that make the desk just a little bit more useful. For example, in the top right corner, you’ll find a small cut out for storing your phone. In the top left, there’s an elastic band for keeping paper and notes secure, and at the bottom, there’s a ledge to prevent anything slipping off. On the underside, the built-in pillow ensures a comfortable fit and lets the desk sit level on your lap.

a tea lapgear cushioned bed tray table holding anotebook and phone sitting on a flat surface on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Silver Spring Adjustable Tilting Overbed Table


By adding a set of locking caster wheels to the base, the Silver Spring Adjustable Tilting Overbed Table is easy-to-move, fully adjustable and able to complete a number of handy tasks around the home, including becoming a bed desk, a sofa desk and even working as a handy additional table when the time calls for it. The base is specially designed to allow it to slip under beds. Plus, the easy-to-clean laminate surface means eating meals on this table isn’t a problem.

a silver spring rolling bed tray table on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Desk York Adjustable Laptop Stand


It may be the most expensive option on our list, but the Desk York Adjustable Laptop Stand promises you can use it pretty much anywhere. Whether you’re in bed, on the couch or want a standing desk option, the tray’s fully adjustable legs ensure the desk always sits in a comfortable position for working, watching films or eating food. In addition, the stand has a removable shelf for holding your mouse, and the main board even includes two built-in USB fans to keep your computer cool.

a technologically advanced desk york bed tray table sitting on a flat surface with a lap top on top and fans blowing on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


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