Stay Hydrated and Spruce Up Your Nightstand With a Bedside Water Carafe

bedside water carafe

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There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night absolutely parched, only to reach for an empty water bottle. Rather than stumbling into the kitchen when you’re half-awake, invest in a stylish yet practical bedside water carafe. They’re kinder to the environment than single-use plastic water bottles and can make all the difference in helping you sleep more soundly. Using a carafe means a larger water capacity and fewer refills throughout the night. You can also bring it into the dining room during mealtime.

Many bedside carafes come with cups that double as lids, nestling inside the carafes, while others have other forms of covers or stoppers to keep your water clean. These little bedroom accessories can help up your home decor game while reminding you to stay hydrated.

Drinking more water is hard, but these stunning bedside carafes make it easier. If you’re sick of waking up thirsty or getting up to grab a glass, here are the most impressive (and best-looking) bedside water carafes to check out ASAP.


1. Nude Glass Mr. & Mrs. Night Water Clear Carafe Set

Rather than littering your nightstand with unattractive plastic water bottles, replace them with this stunning bedside water carafe. Even when it’s not sitting by your bedside, this Mr. and Mrs. Night Water carafe set will earn compliments with its clean, simple lines. It features a whimsical but elegant sleeping face on the cup, which also acts as a bottle stopper. Made from lead-free crystal, this set is durable enough for daily use and will ensure that you never wake up dehydrated again.

Nude Glass Mr. & Mrs. Night Water Clear Carafe Set Courtesy of Bloomingdales

2. Sattyge Bedside Water Carafe and Glass Set

This elegant gray glass and pitcher set features a modern, minimalist vibe that’s an absolute steal for under $25. The bedside water carafe includes a lid, so you don’t have to worry about bugs or debris falling in at night. While there’s not a visible spout, a tailored rim stops water from dripping after you pour. One reviewer says it adds a high-end look to their home, and also mentions that it has good heat resistance to hot water.

Sattyge Bedsite Water Carafe and Glass Set Courtesy of Amazon

3. LSA Basis Jug

This LSA bedside water carafe is tall rather than wide, taking up minimal space on your nightstand. The glass is relatively thin, so you’ll want to hand wash this one rather than putting it in the dishwasher. It’s gently doused in a light brown hue that looks expensive, especially when combined with the striking handle. A built-in spout ensures that you won’t spill water on your phone if you need a refill during the night.

LSA Basis Jug Courtesy of Bloomingdales

4. CEVVIZZ Bedside Water Carafe With Glass Set

Nothing says luxury like artfully combined black and gold, and this stylish bedside water carafe blends the two flawlessly, with a matte black base and a gold stripe above it. A buyer says it was “larger and heavier than anticipated” and soon after bought another set, this time to gift. It’s a perfect present for someone due to the attractive gift box that the product arrives in. For a step above your average glassware, consider this unique and budget-friendly pitcher and cup duo by CIVVIZZ.

CEVVIZZ Bedside Water Carafe With Glass Set Courtesy of Amazon

5. Crate & Barrel Clear Glass Carafe

This distinct carafe from Crate & Barrel has an unusual silhouette with clean lines and a weighty glass bottom. While some people complain about the glass being too small, you can always drink directly out of the carafe or refill if you get thirsty. The lid doubles as a cup, fitting neatly inside the carafe, avoiding drips and keeping your water safe from debris. Multiple buyers speak to the high quality of the glass, which is made in Poland.

Crate & Barrel Clear Glass Carafe Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

6. Turnco Wood Goods Liter Glass Carafe with Walnut Stop

Complete with a walnut stopper, this timeless glass carafe by Turnco Wood Goods can hold up to a liter of liquid. The slight curve in this carafe makes it more ergonomic for a late-night grasp. It’s made from Italian glass, and while the heavy wooden lid is a show-stopper, make sure that you don’t completely immerse it in the water, as this can cause too much pressure on the glass.

Turnco Wood Goods Liter Glass Carafe with Walnut Stop Courtesy of Food52

7. SGHR Sugahara Hand Blown Japanese Frosted Black Tumblers & Carafe

Add an effortless Japanese aesthetic to your home with these hand-blown frosted black tumbler and carafe set by SGHR Sugahara. While many people often complain about the small nature of cups that come with carafes, you can purchase these tumblers in up to a 10.8-oz capacity. Frosted glass has a sleek yet understated look with a matte finish that comes courtesy of superb craftsmanship out of Chiba, Japan. The tall pitcher also has a contemporary look, but it’s important to note that the vessel doesn’t have a handle.

SGHR Sugahara Hand Blown Japanese Frosted Black Tumblers & Carafe Courtesy of Food52

8. Real Pottery Small Carafe

This zen pottery carafe is sturdier than some of its glass competitors and is available in both white and natural partial glaze. On Real Pottery’s goods, one Etsy reviewer writes, “My mind is absolutely blown, this is my first set of pottery I’ve ever owned and I wouldn’t buy from anywhere else. This is such high-quality work and I’m so impressed by the creativity and beauty behind it!” The brand also sells a carafe and cup kit that’s made to order.

Real Pottery Small Carafe Courtesy of Etsy

9. Vanilla Bean Carafe and Cup Set

For a bedside water carafe with a little bit of personality, this colorful and lightweight set by Vanilla Bean allows you to choose from an orange, green, pink, or gray set, depending on your preferences. It adds a whimsical, mid-century-inspired look. There’s also an option to purchase just the carafe on its own. If you’re looking for an attractive way to hydrate during your Zoom meetings or in the middle of the night, this tableware addition is a must.

Vanilla Bean Carafe and Cup Set Courtesy of Etsy

10. G Bedside Water Carafe Set

This vintage-inspired tumbler and cup set can easily be used for cocktails when not in use, with a beautiful vertical fluted detail complete with a gold rim. Unfortunately, the handmade set can’t be placed in the microwave, but since most use it for room temperature drinks, this shouldn’t be an issue. A cleaning brush is also included, so you can get into those hard-to-reach crannies of the bedside water carafe. For a fair price, this classy and durable set is a versatile drink-ware addition to any home.

G Bedside Water Carafe Set Courtesy of Amazon

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